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Azza Storm 6000W PC Case Review

Posted September 15, 2017 by Josh Jackson in Cases & PSU


Price at time of Review: $130 on Newegg with $30 Rebate


Pleasing Aesthetics, 5 included RGB Fans, Roomy Interior, Solid Number of Features


Fans can be a bit noisy, Minor design details can hinder certain levels of installation preferences
If you like the design aesthetic, then you're getting a pretty versatile case for the cash.
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by Josh Jackson
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Please give a huge welcome to our new reviewer, Brendan Varik at PureOC! You can welcome him at the forum post for this review.

AZZA is a brand that I suspect not too many of you are familiar with. They formed way back in 1996 with three main business philosophies: innovation, performance and growth. When they launched, they were primarily in the motherboard manufacturing business, and was one of the top ten leading suppliers in the 90’s. Today, however, is a slightly different story in the sense that they create mainly gaming cases and are looking to offer you some bang for your buck. In 2009, they were able to restructure and then distribute their products under the AZZA trademark that we see today. They no longer sell motherboards, but instead offer a plethora of computer accessories and components; ranging from cases to monitors, they’ve surely got something for you. Let’s get on with the meat of this review, and discuss what they sent over for us to look at. It is of course, as you probably already guessed by the title of this review, the Storm 6000 gaming chassis. Oh, and it’s the white variant of the two, because (surely) everyone loves the black and white themes that you can create with modern hardware. You can of course opt for the black version instead, which you can tell apart in the naming scheme by it either being the 6000W or 6000B SKU.


Are you looking for a case with eight expansion slots? Perhaps a possibility of vertically mounting one GPU? Or perhaps you’re after a tempered glass side panel to show off all the RGB lighting that you are about to cram into the chassis…? Well, this case has it all. It even comes with RGB compatible fans, and no, I am not joking. You can choose to hook them up to the RGB controller that offers a range of different options, including some effects such as flashing or fading in and out, or you can hook them up directly to your motherboard for the full RGB effect that you can achieve on modern motherboards that feature an RGB header. Finally, before we move on, the case is even able to take a large array of water cooling components, up to 360mm rads in the roof and front (but not at the same time) for maximum cooling. We will touch on some of these points in the latter part of this review. For now, though, let’s open the box and get our first look of the AZZA Storm 6000W.



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