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AZZA Solano 1000

Posted June 2, 2009 by Jake in Cases & PSU







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by Jake
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Once in awhile a computer tower comes along that becomes so popular that it achieves an almost iconic status.  It is then not uncommon for other manufacturers to come out with enclosures that bear a striking resemblance to original design.  Across the Internet, you could fill a library with the number of posts on forums complaining about how “this case looks like that case”.  But in this reviewer’s opinion, this is like complaining that a case fan from one manufacturer looks too much like one from another manufacturer.  Sometimes a product either works so well or gains enough popularity, that it becomes a base design for other manufacturers to create products from as well.  And when this happens, it often leads to improvements over the original.

Today we will be look at the Solano 1000 enclosure from AZZA, which bears a rather striking resemblance to Antec’s iconic 900 gamer case.  But this does not necessarily mean that the Solano is a carbon copy of the other.  In fact, it looks as if AZZA has endeavored to improve upon the existing base design.  But the question is: Has inspiration led to innovation?  Let’s find out.

While pondering that, let’s take a look at the AZZA Solano 1000.

Our thanks go to our friends at AZZA for supplying the review sample.

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