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AZZA Hurrican 2000

Posted November 3, 2010 by Jake in Cases & PSU







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by Jake
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AZZA has designed the Hurrican 2000 with rugged yet stylish esthetics, sporting an all-black theme both on the exterior and interior (as we’ll soon see). The case weighs in at approximately 28 pounds empty, making it one of the heavier cases we have reviewed. That weight may become a problem if you load this case up with some hardcore gaming gear inside. Nonetheless, the styling looks very nice and there is little doubt that the AZZA Hurrican 2000 is aimed at the PC enthusiast and gamer but should also still look nice sitting on the desk in a home office.

While we are looking at the front of the Hurrican 2000 let’s take a second to look at one of the new its new features: the four Hot Swappable hard drive trays. These front 3.5” drive bays allow for a quick installation of 3.5” hard drives. Using a SATA-to-SATA connection no device controller is needed and this provides for complete compatibility and quick ease of use. The bottom two drive bays are configured for 2.5” drives and these two bays are not going to be Hot Swap capable. All of these bays are fully ventilated and cooled by two 120mm intake fans mounted in the front bezel.

These trays will accept both 2.5 and 3.5 drives a very nice addition for those of us that are constantly upgrading our hard drives.

There are 7 expansion slots which are vented for better cooling and a bottom-mounted placement for the power supply. Three water cooling openings are present that have rubber grommets. And located just above the 120mm exhaust fan is are two fan speed switches for the two top-mounted fans.

The windowed panel on the left side is just large enough to show off those high powered components and yet still provide the 230mm intake fans to help cool those video cards. It?s less of a true windowed panel and more like a ?takeout window? you?d see at a drive-thru: small but effective.

Notice how the side panel extrudes slightly, just enough to give us some nice cable management opportunities. Also included here is a 120mm cooling fan which is designed to help vent hot air out the other side. It also happens the hole lines up with the CPU cutout on the motherboard tray which is handy.

Moving to the top of the case, the Hurrican 2000 has raised fins to direct exhausted air towards the rear. AZZA did not cut corners on the included fans which are 230mm, making for a total of 4 of these monster fans. The AZZA Hurrican 200 is the only chassis that comes to mind to come equipped with this many large-sized fans; normally we see one fan like this included, maybe two. And only once before have we ever seen three, but never four. Until now.

At the front of the Hurrican 2000 are three USB ports, two of which are 2.0, along with a single 3.0 port. Next to the USB 3.0 port is an eSATA connection and between them are typical audio jacks. Just above the I/O area is the power and reset switches.

At the bottom of the Hurrican 2000 chassis are four large rubber feet to raise the case high enough off the ground to provide optimal intake airflow for the power supply. The two bottom fan filters are easily removed from the outside to make cleaning a breeze.

Let’s move on to the interior.

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