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AZZA Helios 910R

Posted March 22, 2010 by Jake in Cases & PSU







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by Jake
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The most obvious distinguishing trait of the AZZA Helios 910 is the aesthetics.  Frankly, the red interior and accents are gorgeous and unique.  If you want something out of the ordinary, this case is it.  In a sea of black and grey cases, the red colour scheme stands out like Scarlett Johansson at an old ladies’ tea party.

Beauty is only skin deep though, and when you delve a bit deeper into the Helios beyond the colour, features such as a 230mm side fan, 140mm intake and exhaust fans and a 120mm rear exhaust fan stand out. The Helios can handle up to nine 5.25” drives but only five realistically, and has a semi-tool-less installation for the most part. It can also handle today’s monster-sized high end graphics cards, which is a feat in itself especially for a mid- sized chassis.

There were very few drawbacks with this chassis but we will still touch base on them briefly. The first one is the lack of a cut out in the motherboard tray for the swapping of the CPU retention bracket; this isn’t a deal breaker but it should be considered for future designs since there are many other cases in this price range that have this feature available.

Secondly and probably more important is the difficult cable management behind the motherboard tray; there is only about a half inch of space here so routing your cables can be challenging if you don’t have a modular power supply.  There is some room beside the hard drive cage but it’s not ideal.

We found the Helios 910R for about about $70 USD, and $50 after rebate. That is an excellent price for what you get here, and despite the few minor quibbles, this is a great value. If you’re looking for a respectable mid-tower case with an admirable build quality, and an even more than commendable price tag you really can’t go wrong with the AZZA Helios 910. It has many of the features that we have come to expect from good manufacturers.


AZZA Helios 910R

Our thanks go to AZZA for providing the Helios for this review.



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