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Azio Levetron Mech5 – Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Posted January 3, 2013 by Kenny in Peripherals







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Price at time of Review: $89.99 on Newegg.com


Solid Construction, Fully Modular, Cherry MX Black Keys


Not entirely back-lit, extra large volume control button, needs more detailed instructions for setting up custom profiles
At the Price point of just under $90.00, The Azio Levetron Mech5 keyboard offers great versatility with its Full Modular set-up and the Cherry MX Black Keys offers on point key stroke for every users needs.
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by Kenny
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Testing & Summary

When it comes to testing keyboards, there is no other way than real world testing by using the keyboard for a couple of weeks for all your normal needs. We tested the Azio Levetron Mech5 in Gaming, Web Surfing, typing emails and also productivity.

Gaming – When it comes to gaming, the Cherry MX Black keys were a no brainer for us. However not everyone likes the stronger resistance in the keys. So when it comes to selecting a keyboard key sets make sure to select your preference. However we enjoyed the Cherry MX Black keys. The extensive roll over feature was great and helped every key stroke without missing a beat. Our movements were quicker and more accurate and the feel of the key sets made us more aware of what we were doing in-game. Some of the additional features that made gaming better were the additional macro keys. Once you have set-up your macro keys to your needs it made things much easier rather then having to hunt through keys and menus. You can set-up a custom macro to take care of that for you.

Web Surfing & E-mailing – While we didn’t have any issues with web surfing and emailing, since the Cherry MX Black keys have more resistance, we felt that we had to press the keys a little harder… which made it more tiring on our hands during long periods of time. However the accuracy of the key stroke made up for this and the feel of not missing a key while doing heavy typing really out weighted that issue.

Productivity – When it came to productivity, the best way to do this was actually use the Azio levetron Mech5 to type up this review. As reviewers, we spend most of our time testing products; however, we spend a great deal of time behind the keyboard as well… so what other way to test our productivity with the Azio Levetron Mech5 then to use its product to do just that? During this part of the test we really enjoyed using the Mech5. The key strokes were on point and the wrist rest and the height adjustments really made things more comfortable. One of the major notable items about the Mech5 was its modular feature, it can completely break down to the parts you only need and will use. In our case, we removed the top macro keys and the number pad came in handy for 10-key data inputs. The versatility of the Mech5 makes it a well rounded option to all users.


Azio did a great job with the design and aesthetic appeal of the Levetron Mech5 mechanical gaming keyboard. The construction of the modular features are solid, although some of the parts are plastic and might wear out over time. Regardless, the construction was well thought out and we can see users using this keyboard for years without issues. The Software provided by Azio was feature-rich; however, some more detailed instructions may help users that have not used marco keys before. Once you get the hang of programming your own macros, you will by flying through your settings and moving right along in no time.

As we had already mentioned, while the Cherry MX Black Keys have stronger resistance to each key stroke. If you are typing for longer periods of time, it might cause your hands and fingers to get tired. However, the key stroke feel made up for that, and in fact, we preferred the Cherry MX Black keys over some of the other Cherry MX keys available. Another item to note here is that the keyboard doesn’t have a full back lit function like we have seen in today’s popular mechanical gaming keyboards, but this was only a minor subjective quibble.

Overall we give the Azio Levetron Mech5 Gaming Keyboard a Great Hardware Review. At a price of $89.99 on Newegg.com this is a great deal considering the options that come with the Mech5. It is a fully load and feature packed gaming keyboard.






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    This keyboard looks like something out of transformers haha. I’ve heard good things about Azio but I don’t think I’m going to buy it just yet, my daskeyboard is still gonna last me for a while I think. Might pick this one up if I wanna try out some new switches or something!

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