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Avexir DDR4 Blitz Series Review

Posted November 7, 2016 by Jeffrey Edson in RAM


Price at time of Review: $133.00


Excellent Lighting and IC sorting keeps RAM consistent


XMP profile didn't work out of the box
The Avexir DDR4 kit I tested performed extremely well and its best feature is the lighting.
by Jeffrey Edson
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The shipping box has the company’s motto and feels heavier than normal for RAM. Unboxing the unit the product packaging offers a quick glimpse of what the Blitz series is about. We see three distinct colors of red, yellow, and white. The bottom says ” Blitz Series customized to perfection”. Holding the box in my hands feels good because it’s heavy and, I get the feeling of quality from the weight of the box.

The site actually lists the Blitz series having ” six LED colors of Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, White, and Orange, so you always have the right choice to suit your motherboard”. Under the DDR4 page, neither of those colors are listed in the product specification section or shown in the pictures, so it’s possible those colors will be a future release. The box doesn’t show off these colors, and the DDR4 page shows that quote under “Various Choices of LED Colors”.

IMG_0177 IMG_0174

The back of the packaging offers a brief overview of why the Blitz series is important to overclockers and gamers. The English is a bit broken, but basically, it says it’s a successor from Blitz 1 and offers removable heat spreaders for overclockers in favor of liquid nitrogen. It also states it’s suitable for all motherboard manufacturers and has strict visual standards for its LED’s.

IMG_0179 IMG_0187

Each module is packaged very neatly and also offers a guard for each modules pins. This is a nice feature that all memory manufacturers should follow. It doesn’t cost much and makes the consumer feel like care is taken in each box. The guards help protect the pins and avoid air and water oxidation during shipping.

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