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Avexir Blitz 1.1 Series Memory Review

Posted May 14, 2014 by Sandy Bruce in RAM


Release Date: Q3
Price at time of Review: EST $129US(4GBx2 @1600mhz) and up based on Size and Speed.


Style, Designed to match Top end boards, Performance, Bright LEDs, Ability to Overclock,


No control of LEDs, No Blue memory
For Averix to approach the overclockers memory marker with a blitzkrieg mentality, they created a very compelling product. The aesthetics of the Blitz 1.1 series is unparalleled by anything else available on the market today. Performance is garnered by using this memory in its intended manner. Overclocked!
by Sandy Bruce
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How fast is your memory? No I am not talking about your ability to recall what you had for dinner last night or where you were last Tuesday at 7:58pm. Its not like you would remember your alibi anyways but I am asking about your system memory. Those wonderful sticks of DRAM(Dynamic random-access memory) that could potentially make or break your rig, yet are often discounted by the non enthusiast. The purpose of the system memory is even misunderstood to the point where it gets confused with hard drive space (Static Memory). System memory actually allows the CPU to access stored program instructions and data very quickly instead of pulling directly from the slower static memory (HDD/SSD).

Basically, the faster your memory can feed data to the CPU, the better the system will run. With this thought in mind, manufacturers have been hard at work for decades to increase total bandwidth to the CPU. Overclockers have been working just as hard to push memory above and beyond what manufacturers intended. A few companies opted to cater to this growing market by offering specialty memory; Avexir is one of those companies. Avexir isn’t the first name that comes to mind for most of you, but most enthusiasts are well aware of what this small company has been able to produce in its short existence… especially its Core and Standard series. Avexir has released the new Blitz 1.1 series of memory for use in enthusiast class machines. It should prove popular to the extreme overclocker or to those who just want some good looking memory to add that extra touch. Avexir-Logo

“In 2006, the founder of AVEXIR, Hans Cheng, decided to leave Powerchip Semiconductor Corporation to build his dream on memory module house with his belief and philosophy. Starting with no clients and a staff of two, he established his company into one of the best gaming memory module house in the world.

AVEXIR continued developing a new project code name “Blitz”. Products in the market named after Blitz usually make their products sound powerful; however, AVEXIR Blitz Series is not just powerful, it has real visualized Blitz built-in. Once again, AVEXIR has impressed gamers the real gaming gears. Finally, our efforts have been readily recognized by gamers and won Germany iF d&i Gaming + Entertaining Products Award this year in 2013.”






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