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ATP PhotoFinder Mini

Posted March 22, 2009 by Jake in Peripherals







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by Jake
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The ATP PhotoFinder Mini is a nifty little gadget for those who want something a bit different and unique for their photo work and library.  However, for those who are more serious shutterbugs, and particularly those who travel a great deal, the PhotoFinder Mini can be invaluable.  Perhaps even more significant is the implications for those in mapping and geo-data inventory industries that could combine the photo geo-tagging and mapping applications into a database use for just about anything really, saving time and money with this device.

The PhotoFinder Mini worked flawlessly in all locations used in the past week, easily finding satellites to track the destination and data as I travelled.  The one place, however, I would NOT recommend using it is on a plane, or as a matter of fact, wearing it through Airport security, as GPS-based devices are often not allowed for security purposes.  Be sure to check before boarding to ensure it isn’t left behind by security when you travel by air.

At a price tag of about $120 USD, you have essentially a GPS device that can synchronize those coordinates to any photographs you take.  For the price, you get an awful lot of potential there.  For anyone looking for a geo-tagging device that’s lightweight, robust, not terribly expensive, looks good, and is very  easy to use, the ATP PhotoFinder Mini is a great product.



ATP PhotoFinder Mini

Our thanks go to ATP for providing the PhotoFinder Mini for this review.



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