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ATP PhotoFinder Mini

Posted March 22, 2009 by Jake in Peripherals







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by Jake
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With the pervasiveness of the digital camera these days, taking photos is possible just about any time, and literally anywhere in the world.  Travelling Europe?  Probably planning on filling that 8GB card, aren’t you?  With so many places to visit and sights (and sites) to see, it’s always a challenge to remember where you were when you took that beautiful shot.  Boasting of the experiences to your family and friends, the inevitable questions always come: “What’s that?  Oh, where was that taken?!” If you’re the type of person whose response, more often than not, entails something along the lines, “ummmm” or “I don’t know”, then we may have the gadget for you today that will help avoid those awkward moments: the ATP PhotoFinder Mini.

The ATP PhotoFinder Mini is a synched GPS tracking device that essentially Geotags your photos, adding the coordinates of the location to the image’s EXIF-data, which can then be interpreted and used in an application such as Google Earth, for example.  This could also be very useful for visual inventory and mapping jobs, people who work for park services, survey and mapping, GIS analysis, and other resource-based industries, not just the home user who forgets where their photos were taken.

So let’s dive in and get a closer look at the ATP PhotoFinder Mini. 

We would to thank our friends at ATP for supplying the review sample.

Established in 1991, ATP has over 17 years of experience in the design, manufacture, and support of high performance, highest quality DRAM modules and NAND flash storage products. ATP focuses in mission critical applications such as industrial/automation, telecom, medical, and enterprise computing where high levels of technical support/expertise, consistency of performance, and manufacturing quality are required. A certified Eco/Green partner of tier one OEMs, all ATP products are fully RoHS and China RoHS compliant.




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