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ATP 4GB ToughDrive

Posted January 16, 2009 by Jake in Storage, HDs & SSDs







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by Jake
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The 4GB ToughDrive

ATP’s ToughDrive Camo comes in a blister pack that has the necessary information, nothing too fancy or weird going on here.  The package is easily opened and is not sealed shut. It’s certainly adequate to keep a lightweight flash drive protected, no need to spend a ton of cash on really expensive packaging here.  The front of the package is pretty simple and the back goes into more details about the drive.

Highslide JS

ATP ToughDrive Camo
Highslide JSATP ToughDrive Camo

Out of the package the drive is not big and bulky but not overly small either. It’s made of a soft rubber and has grooves on the sides for grip. The cap is made of the same rubber and feels pretty rugged. The overall look and feel is good.

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ATP ToughDrive Camo
Highslide JSATP ToughDrive Camo

As the name implies, the ToughDrive Camo is finished with a camo motif. I’m sure this is more marketing spin than anything, as it doesn’t hide anything or necessarily make it look better.  I suppose it helps reinforce the notion of “tough” more than anything.  Still, the drive isn’t bad-looking or anything like that. ATP put a LED on front with the name and size of the drive also.

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ATP ToughDrive Camo
Highslide JSATP ToughDrive Camo

The ToughDrive Camo comes with a key chain hook, and this is a very handy little feature.  Whether you’ll put this on your actual keychain, belt loop, computer desk shelf, having the little rugged attachment is a nice touch. I’ve seen some flash drives have a little string to affix to things; how sturdy is that?  Come on.  A metal clip is far better.

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