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ASUS Rampage III Formula

Posted October 14, 2010 by Jake in CPU & Motherboards







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by Jake
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The fact that the Rampage III Formula looks and feels very familiar isn’t a coincidence. ASUS has taken out some of the most extreme (and expensive) toys from the Rampage III Extreme, and have given us the Formula as a result. The Formula retains much of what makes the Extreme so appealing, and in fact, working with the R3F was like deja vù all over again. There are indeed some differences, but these shouldn’t matter to all but the most extreme users out there.

The ASUS Rampage III Formula is certainly a premium LGA1366 motherboard, and by definition it is enthusiasts that will look to a board like this. And in that sense, ASUS has really focused their Republic of Gamers products toward those consumers who want big features and top performance. The overclocking utilities are very handy and extremely well done. Turbo EVO continues to impress us, and the complete overhaul for AISuite II is long overdue and very much welcomed; ASUS has really nailed down a smart and clean all-in-one interface that is probably the most comprehensive and robust I’ve seen among all motherboard manufacturers.

In terms of usability and stability, the R3F ran very well. We didn’t achieve the best results for highest BCLK or maximum overclock, but the board went very high. If you’re looking to break records, then I’d recommend opting for the Rampage III Extreme. But that board is for all but the most diehard enthusiasts; this Formula version is certainly no slouch and will do just about anything you ask, similar to a thoroughbred racehorse. Some people may find the ROG Connect and Bluetooth features a bit superfluous, and while we can’t really argue with that for the "regular" users, they are innovative and handy if you tend to love to tweak your rig.

Aside from the fact we didn’t hit top clocks on the R3F, really the only other detraction here to note is the price. While the Formula is almost $70 cheaper than the Extreme version, it is still priced at $300, which is very much considered "premium". However, when looking at the competing boards that offer similar SATA 6G, USB 3.0, and 3 PCI-Express slots, the price tag here is less palatable. ASUS’ own P6X58D-E is an excellent motherboard that costs $70 less, for example. Though the P6X58D-E doesn’t have the ROG Connect and lacks some of the overclocking toys, are those worth $70? Unless you absolutely love to endlessly tweak your system, then I’d say no, and the P6X58D-E is definitely the better all-around option.

However, it’s no secret that Republic of Gamer boards are designed and marketed to those who wants some of the best performance, features, and quality on the market. And if that is what appeals to you, then the Rampage III Formula should be on your purchase shortlist.

ASUS Rampage III Formula



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