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ASUS Rampage II Extreme

Posted March 30, 2009 by Jake in CPU & Motherboards







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by Jake
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With Intel’s Core i7 starting to settle into the market, more consumers are moving to the new platform and faced with probably the most fundamental of choices: which motherboard to buy?  There are several manufacturers that offer various products in the new X58 chipset, and today we’ll be looking at what is probably the most coveted (and expensive) one: the ASUS Rampage II Extreme.

After we reviewed the ASUS P6T Deluxe, we came away very impressed, so the Rampage will have some stiff competition from its own little brother to make a positive impression on us.  The Rampage II Extreme is manufactured and marketed as a high-end, enthusiast board, and features some unique goodies that should pique the curiosity of even the most discerning consumer out there.  While the P6T Deluxe is designed as a more all-round board, the Rampage II Extreme is set up as an overclocker’s dream, and ASUS makes no apologies for its seemingly limited market niche nor its price.

With that said, let’s jump in and push this board around to find out if it’s an enthusiast’s dream or nightmare.

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