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Posted July 6, 2010 by Jake in CPU & Motherboards







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by Jake
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One of the attractive performance features of the P6X58D-E is its inclusion of SATA 6Gb/s ports. We know there is one enthusiast drive on the market that can fully saturate the SATA II bus, the Crucial C300 SSD, and can take advantage of the speeds offered on SATA 6G. We just happened to have a Crucial C300 256GB drive on hand, so we put it through a few tests on the P6X58D-E. Keep in mind that the 256GB version of this SSD is extremely expensive, but Crucial has recently announced that a 64GB version will be available at an affordable price, making SATA 6G very attractive for anyone looking for a huge speed boost. The single biggest bottleneck on a modern system is the traditional platter hard drive, and after using SSDs extensively, trust me when I say your system will utterly kick ass with an SSD installed rather than an HDD. Every time I have to use a system nowadays with an HDD installed, I want to cry. It is that slow by comparison.

In any event, onto SATA 6G testing. First off, we ran ATTO Disk Benchmark, which is a popular and free program, measuring transfer rates across specified lengths. The bandwidth results here are not necessarily entirely reliable for reporting the maximum drive speeds, but it does help convey results of the bandwidth for different file sizes, so it’s best to view ATTO in the context of basic Input/Output Operations per Second (IOPS)  performance.

Clearly the P6X58D-E’s ability to run an insanely fast SSD is impressive.

Next up, we ran the Crucial SSD in HDTune Pro, which is very popular. It shows minimum, maximum, and average Read/Write speeds. Below are the results:

Again, very nice results from the Crucial SSD, obviously some variance due to the different synthetic test, but we see the SSD does indeed take advantage of the SATA 6G setup here.

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