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ASUS P6X58-E Pro

Posted September 8, 2011 by Jake in CPU & Motherboards







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by Jake
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The X58 chipset may seem like a timeless wonder but its days are numbered. ASUS, being a top notch company recognizes that LGA 1366 users still exist and did not forget about them. Some manufacturers sell to the masses and not the classes and ASUS separates the men from the boys in this instance.

In terms of design, the P6X58-E Pro is very good, with plenty of space for large components, and an intuitive layout. The layout of the motherboard has not changed much but they updated this handsome motherboard with ASUS’ updated features such as Digi + VRM which we are all familiar with, the TPU switch which is an independent microprocessor that automatically optimizes your system, the MemOK! feature that allows you to simply press the button if you have an unsuccessful memory overclock, and updated AI Suite II utility software. Along with these added features we see  USB 3.0 for ultra fast transfer speeds and 6G SATA support.

In terms of usability and stability, the P6X58-E Pro is rock solid. If you’re a bit hesitant to tweak much in the BIOS, then just dial in a higher BCLK, set your RAM speed, let the Auto settings take care of the rest, and you’ll be pleased with the quick and easy results.

The functionality offered by the P6X58-E Pro should be enough to satisfy most diehard users, and with Solid State Drives that can take advantage of the SATA 6G speeds offered, these new ports will be up to the task for the most demanding enthusiasts. USB 3.0 will soon make USB 2.0 obsolete, and the speed difference is utterly jaw-dropping. The P6X58-E Pro is certainly more futureproof than most of the ASUS’ X58 lineup.

In terms of value, the P6X58-E Pro is priced around $260 USD, sitting directly in the middle of this market segment. Motherboards that include USB 3.0 and SATA 6G start at $210 at the cheapest, so this ASUS board isn’t far off, and you do get a far better feature list than several of the competitors. For the price of a pizza, this board is worth the extra cash. The P6X58-E Pro is no slouch, and is a very good all-around board that is more than capable of satisfying most consumers that need something stable, feature-rich, and won’t break the bank. The only true downside here? While this motherboad provides an excellent update to the aging socket and chipset, LGA1366 is long in the tooth and we’re eagerly awaiting its successor.

ASUS P6X58-E Pro



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