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ASUS Maximus V GENE Micro ATX Z77 Gaming Motherboard

Posted August 10, 2012 by James Baranski (Drdeath) in CPU & Motherboards







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Release Date: Current
Price at time of Review: $195-$199


Boatload of features and accessories, Smart layout, Extensive BIOS, Stable Auto overclocking, Great sub-zero overclocking for m-ATX, Competitive pricing.


It doesn't include world peace.
If you are looking to build a low priced gaming PC, a Lan Party rig, or a top performing HTPC, the Asus Maximus V Gene has the prowess you are looking for.
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by James Baranski (Drdeath)
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In a very competitive motherboard market, ASUS continues to shine with a full Z77 lineup. From the P8 series through the Republic of Gamers Mavimus V series, the ASUS Gene fits any customer looking for a lower cost, but top tier performing motherboard with a Micro ATX form factor. Also, motherboards with features that are not needed are a waste of dollars in our opinion. For those looking to run only one or two graphics cards with the Z77 platform, and are looking for a lower cost solution, the ASUS Maximus V Gene is a great choice. In addition, this small Micro ATX motherboard is perfect for those looking to build a LAN Party rig or killer Home Theater Ivy Bridge system.

ASUS’ marketing strategy with the Maximus series has not changed. It keeps the Republic of Gamers branding, and this is appreciated. The layout of the board is as good as it gets, since it measures a paltry 9.6 x 9.6 inches. This board also continues ASUS’ Crimson Red and Black aesthetics. There is no mistaking ASUS ROG products and the Gene surely appeals to a segment that no others manufacturers address with the platform. The Z77 chipset is now coupled with Ivy Bridge, improvements to PCIE and USB 3.0 and an upgraded Internal Memory Controller now packs memory frequencies over 2800MHz. This pampers those PCIE and USB 3.0 devices with more bandwidth. As we saw in some benchmarks, USB 3.0 brings faster speeds to USB and external drives. With data storage and transfer on an upswing over the past decade, these increases are welcome. PCIE 3.o supports both Nvidia and AMD 7000 series graphics cards for better video and gaming performance and ASUS also adds a mSata plug-in card that does not interfere with the board layout.

All of ASUS’ features such as their extensive UEFI BIOS and AI Suite II stay consistant with the Gene. The Maximus series motherboards do have a few more bells and whistles within the UEFI BIOS over the P8 series so the Gene gets ASUS’ best of all worlds. ASUS’ overclocking software, called AI Suite II, also hit on all cylinders with our overclocking. Using Turbo EVO, we used the automatic overclocking feature called CPU Level Up that preset the motherboard to 4.6GHz stable with a click of the mouse. We then massaged the settings up to 4.7GHz stable which is the high overclock of this particular Intel Core i7 3770K processor. Our dry ice session also packed a punch hitting 5.7GHz which we were very impressed with. Performance, features and overclocking are all excellent here with the Gene.

One would think the Maximus V Gene would pack a high price tag, but since it’s a Micro ATX motherboard, the $199 price is very reasonable for the small powerhouse. If you want to build a killer new rig without breaking the bank or compromising on premium features, the ASUS Maximus V Gene is a top pick.



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