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ASUS Maximus IV Extreme Rev. B3

Posted May 10, 2011 by Jake in CPU & Motherboards







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by Jake
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Intel’s Sandy Bridge P67 original chipset problems are rapidly fading into the rearview mirror since the B3 boards hit the shelves. And with the Z68 chipset nearly upon us, and the new-gen Core processors proving to be performance juggernauts, things are looking bright for the tech behemoth.

P67 motherboards have brought a host of new innovations and technologies to the market, and ASUS is arguably at the forefront of that charge. We’ve looked at every major manufacturers’ boards, and we’ve continually come away impressed with the ASUS releases. They’ve been on a roll to be honest, and the latest in their lineup is the Maximus IV Extreme.

Representing the upper echelon in performance, the ASUS Republic of Gamer products are no stranger to us, nor most of you we suspect. ROG products are well known in enthusiast circles, and this is typically where the boundaries are pushed. We’ve seen many ROG boards, and they cater to those who want peak performance and have the budget to afford such things.

The Maximus IV Extreme continues that trend, carrying a hefty price tag of about $360. But there’s a reason for the steep cost; this board may just be the best P67 offering on the market. There are some very interesting features here, not the least of which is the groundbreaking UEFI BIOS, the likes of which have never been seen before on a PC until P67 came along. Add in some insane auto overclocking results with TurboV EVO, an updated software AI Suite II package, remote connectivity, and an utter boatload of other features, and ASUS is serving notice they’re looking to dominate the P67 elite.

Let’s take a closer look at the Maximus IV Extreme and see what a premium P67 motherboard can do.

"ASUS, a technology-oriented company blessed with one of the world’s top R&D teams, is well known for high-quality and innovative technology. As a leading company in the new digital era, ASUS offers a complete product portfolio to compete in the new millennium. The philosophy of ASUS product development is to do the fundamentals well first before moving forward. Started with computer components such as motherboards, graphic cards, and optical storage devices, ASUS now has now over 16 product lines, including desktop barebone systems, servers, notebooks, handhelds, network devices, broadband communications, LCD monitors, TVs, wireless applications, and CPT (chassis, power supply and thermal) products."



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