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ASUS GeForce GTX 590

Posted March 24, 2011 by Jake in Video Cards







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by Jake
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From what we’ve seen with the launch of the GTX 590, it continues the winning ways of the GeForce 500 series cards. Frankly, Nvidia has been on a roll with its latest generation lineup across all price points of the market.

We do know that the GTX 590 will be carried only by select Nvidia partners, and only available through specific popular retail channels, so although this card is supposed to be widely available at launch, it’ll be interesting to see if that continues. This is a hard launch though, so we do expect plenty of stock through the various consumer channels. Of course, if you’re willing to shell out $700 for one of these then patience may not be your primary concern. And if by chance you’re planning on ordering two, then we salute you and would like to be your new best friend.

Looking at the two heavyweights from Nvidia and AMD, the tale of the tape shows the GTX 590 will beat the Radeon 6990 in just about every facet, from gaming performance and temperatures to noise levels and power consumption. There’s also the bit about PhysX being available on the Nvidia cards, and if you’re a Folding @ Home disciple, then the GTX 590 is a juggernaut. There’s also the ability now to run 3D Vision Surround on three monitors with only one card rather than two in SLI.

The only real hiccup in the performance charts we saw was in Aliens vs Predator where AMD came out on top. However, when we look at all the games in our suite today, the GTX 590 beat the dual-GPU AMD by a significant margin in every other game; a 50% margin of victory in HAWX 2 is nothing short of jaw-dropping.

And if that isn’t good enough for you, ASUS has made a bold move by offering voltage tweaking capabilities on the GTX 590. While this may not make a huge performance difference on the whole, this is something that ASUS’ competitors don’t offer. If you’re a benching enthusiast, then a couple of these ASUS cards will easily boost your worldwide HWBOT ranking and make you the envy of your peers.

While the performance is utterly eye-watering here, the really impressive thing about this ASUS card is that it runs cool and quiet, which is no small feat for a dual-GPU card. The dual vapor chambers work wonders in keeping the chips under control at load, and the fan runs impressively quiet.

While most of us mere mortals can only dream about owning a card like this, the simple fact is if you’re in the market for the best money can buy, then the GTX 590 is your new darling. We understand that a couple of GTX 560 Ti cards, for example, will offer a formidable setup for most gamers while offering better value, but the GTX 590 isn’t about offering best value. So the target market and price needs to be taken into context, otherwise we’re not comparing apples here. Certainly the GTX 590 doesn’t come cheap, but considering it will easily beat the Radeon 6990 in almost every manner while costing the same, we think the price is warranted. It’s about maximum performance, and perhaps even bragging rights, and there’s no doubt the ASUS GTX 590 is the fastest gaming card on the planet.

ASUS GeForce GTX 590



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