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by Jake
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The ASUS EAH5670 is a very good budget gaming card, clearly geared to consumers who are looking for an affordable card that will handle some light gaming, especially at 1280 resolution. The EAH5670 is also designed to be frugal in terms of power consumption, not requiring a separate PCI-E connector and instead drawing power directly through the motherboard itself. It is a small, quiet, low-power card that is a great upgrade option for people with an older system that want to easily improve their graphics performance.

ASUS has also gone with Samsung memory chips instead of Hynix, resulting in some good overclocking headroom of approximately 11-12% on average. This will help performance at 1280 resolution in particular, especially if you’re running medium settings, as several modern games may prove a bit much at high visual quality settings. Nonetheless, the EAH5670 can handle some good gaming on the cheap.

In terms of software, ASUS has brought features to the table that are welcomed and a bit uncommon to see included with graphics cards. Gamer OSD is certainly a unique bit of kit that gamers might find handy, and Smart Doctor is a good monitoring and control utility for the card as well. On the hardware side, the dust-free fan is also unique, though we didn’t exactly blow out a full vacuum cleaner to verify its effectiveness.

Really there are only a couple of detractions here. The first is that the cooler doesn’t entirely exhaust warm air outside the rear of the case, though this is just a minor issue because there isn’t much heat produced to begin with. Beyond that, the lack of a DisplayPort output connector is puzzling; virtually every other 5670 model has one. The argument could be made that EyeFinity isn’t really intended for a card of this budget range and graphics power, but consumers should still have the option, especially considering competitor cards have it available and older-gen game titles could still benefit.

That being said, these are minor issues. The reality is this is a great value card. Retailing for approximately $110 USD, this is the most affordable 1GB card for the 5670 model. With some good overclocking headroom available, cool and quiet operation, and good bundled software, the ASUS EAH5670 1GB is an attractive option for consumers who want great value and respectable performance.



Our thanks go to ASUS for providing the EAH5670 for this review.



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