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ASUS A88X-Pro Motherboard Review

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Posted April 25, 2014 by Kenny in CPU & Motherboards


Price at time of Review: $123.99 on Newegg.com


Great Aesthetics, PCIe 3.0 Support, Stable CPU Overclocking, Dual Graphics Support


Lacks GPU Overclocking, Legacy PCI Slots
ASUS A88X-Pro Motherboard matched up with a AMD A10-7850K, we find a nice budget friendly system that will be able to handle most of todays application without any problems and with a decent discrete graphics card, you can have a nice mild gaming system on your hands.
by Kenny
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The ASUS A88X-Pro motherboard has a classy look with the gold, black and yellow color scheme. This theme makes for a great signature from Asus.

We were also quite happy with the layout of the motherboard and its features. One of the features we found to be most attractive was the elegantly designed heatsink layout. The SB and NB connected by a heatpipe helps cool down chipsets quite well as even with the overclocks we pushed on the motherboard the temperatures really didn’t budge too much. One thing we do have to nit-pick about is the fact that ASUS still included Legacy PCI slots on today’s modern motherboard. Most accessories have moved away from from PCI and have gone into PCIe x1 and x16 so it would have been nice to see more PCIe x1 and x16 slots instead.

When it comes to its software package, ASUS continues to include an abundance of software. The extensive software package that was available with the motherboard really made it stand out from other manufacturers. While we won’t see all users taking advantage of everything included, its nice to have. We continue to see that ASUS is improving on its already successful AI Suite. We have seen some consumers complain about buggy software; however, we have yet to encounter any of these. We are quite pleased with the ease of use and GUI of the AI Suite III Software as it stands.

For its performance, this motherboard performed as we expected. Because this board was developed on an ATX format, we can appreciate the size which will fit into most of today’s standard ATX cases. ASUS put together a great motherboard layout.

We also had no trouble with its set-up, which was a great sign. The newly developed AMD APU A10-7850K found a nice home in the ASUS A88X-Pro Motherboard and we enjoyed the fact that our AMD 16GB 2133MHz memory was able to run at the advertised speeds with little to no work. In the OC sector, the ASUS AI Suite did a decent OC to 4.2GHz with our 7850K. Manual overclocking didn’t do so bad either sitting at 4.6GHz without issues.

While the CPU overclocking side went quite well, we didn’t have much luck with overclocking the GPU side of things. With any slight adjustment to the GPU core speed and memory, our system would lock up. This isn’t entirely ASUS’ fault. The silicone lottery just wasn’t on our side with the A10-7850K APU we had.

Closer Look 9

We found the ASUS A88X-Pro Motherboard on Newegg for $123.99. If you have a Micro Center near you, you can pick up the AMD A10-7850K for roughly $140; this is a really nice budget friendly system that will be able to handle most of today’s applications. With a decent discrete graphics card, you can have a solid moderate gaming system on your hands. Factoring in some of the slight quibbles we ran into, we honor the ASUS A88X-Pro Motherboard with the PureOverclock Great Hardware Award! 




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