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ASRock Z87 Professional Series Fatal1ty Motherboard Review

Posted July 10, 2013 by Kenny in CPU & Motherboards







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Price at time of Review: Newegg $249.99


Aesthetically Appealing, HDMI IN port, Tons of SATA Ports, Feature Rich Software Package


Xsplit Software is only a 3 month Free Trial, Outdated PCI slots, Could use a visual refresh.
ASRock has always been a very Intuitive motherboard developer. This performance and feature packed bundle makes the ASRock Z87 Professional Series Fatal1ty motherboard a rock solid value.
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by Kenny
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To wrap things up, the ASRock Z87 Professional Series Fatal1ty motherboard has a color scheme which didn’t change much from its previous version on the Z87 chipset motherboard. While this isn’t a surprise to us since the Fatal1ty series has been known for its aesthetic design, it would have been intresting to see some slight improvements from ASRock. While sticking to the popular color scheme is not a bad thing, some slight design changes and improved aesthetics could draw in a larger crowd.

ASRock certainly included a great deal of software. The extensive software package that was available with the motherboard really made it stand out. The newly revamped software suite that is included helps add to the attractiveness of the motherboard. While not everyone will use all of the software that is included, we do feel that it can become helpful for those who don’t already own a 3rd party suite. A couple of items that caught our attention where some of the gaming options available such as the KeyMaster and Fatal1ty mouse port. The Sound Blaster Suite was another big bonus for the audiophiles that are out there looking for the perfect sound.

On a separate note, we found another program that was great, called Xsplit. This came with the motherboard with a free 3-month License. This program reminds us of Fraps, but it’s a little more extensive then Fraps, since you can record and broadcast your game play live. This could be useful at LAN tournaments. For the Avg. user, they might not justify the cost of the software, but here at least you can try it for free for 3 months.

At stock settings or overclocked, this motherboard offers great performance. We also had no trouble with its set-up, which was a great sign. With the 4770K, we found that our 2133MHz memory was able to run at the advertised speeds with little to no work. All we had to do was enable the XMP profiles and we were set. While in the OC sector, we had some trouble getting overclocks to be stable at high clocks. We quickly narrowed that down to the processor being the issue and not the motherboard. While our system booted up and ran fine at 4.8GHz (our top OC), its long term stability wasn’t there and that was not the only real issue. Temperatures became our enemy, this wasn’t a surprise and we continue to see the same with almost every 4770K temperature testing we have done with any overclocking. However at 4.3GHz, this seems to be our sweet spot on the ASRock Z87 Professional Series Fatal1ty board.

With the 4770K Processor, all we had to do was find its sweet spot with speed and voltage. Once you find that, this motherboard performed rock solid.

The ASRock Z87 Professional Series Fatal1ty Motherboard can be found on newegg for $249.99. The performance to dollar ratio is spot on for this board. The extra features and software make it stand out even further. We gave the ASRock Z87 Professional Series Fatal1ty motherboard our PureOverclock Great Hardware Award.

ASRock Z87 Professional Series Fatal1ty Motherboard – Great Hardware



    A J

    It’s a shame to see the inferior Creative sound core chip on this enthusiast motherboard. All of Creative’s new range of chips are 5.1 only, they do not support true 7.1 or higher surround sound. The 7.1 and higher options are only supported through virtualization, which any decent surround receiver will do a much better job of.

    Even Realtek’s old ALC889 supported a true 7.1 channel encoding. Creative need to lift their game, and until they do motherboard makers should stop including these rebadged, low-end Cirrus Logic chips.


    Great board.Despite previous writer I can say: super 7.1 encoding and support.

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