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ASRock Z77 Fatal1ty Professional

Posted June 7, 2012 by James Baranski (Drdeath) in CPU & Motherboards







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by James Baranski (Drdeath)
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ASRock stepped up their game a few years ago with much better product than the old days. The Fatal1ty series on both Intel and the AMD side is known for great performance, overclocking ability and the gamers choice without spending a boat load of cash. The Fatal1ty series is also not knew but we now see a third product thrown in the mix with a micro- ATX motherboard. The Z77 Fatal1ty Professional, Professional-M and the Performance give ASRock the trifecta in this Fatal1ty lineup.

The look of the Fatal1ty branding has not changed since its conception (and it shouldn’t). The look is sexy and the crimson red with the black PCB always looks great. The Z77 chipset adds some new features such as PCIe 3.0 and USB 3.0 for better performance especially with the release of Radeon 7000 series and Nvidia 600 series graphics cards. The Z77 chipset maximizes the bandwidth on both PCI and USB sides with more lanes. ASrock also adds some attractive add on features such as XFast USB and LAN for even more performance on not only the gaming side but everyday multitasking use. ASRock has includes a slew of USB and SATA ports so it knows what the gaming junkie needs.

All these features are very good but ASRock’s F-Stream utility seems to be stuck in idle. F-Stream has not changed for functionality or interface. Oveclocking was very difficult with F-Stream as it is a software package and not part of the board. It simply locks up at high overclocks. Don’t get us wrong, the overclocking feature and monitoring ability are nice, but as of recent, we have seen manufacturers such as ASUS and MSI take their OS overclocking package to the next level. Those incorporate the overclocking package into the board and are much more robust. By no means is this a deal breaker; the Z77 Fatal1ty Professional performs great and overclocks with the best but seeing this is a gamers and enthusiast product, we would like to see ASRock progress with the competition. With a better and more robust F-Stream package, the Fatal1ty series would be nearly perfect.

The ASrock Z77 Professional comes in at $239 retail. That is a bit more costly than some of the other products we have seen, but if you take into consideration the mass array of SATA, USB 3.0 ports and the 555 gaming package, you have a real nice powerhouse here for gaming. The overall package ASRock has with the Fatal1ty Z77 Professional is very good and we certainly do give it our recommendation.

ASRock Fatal1ty Z77 Professional



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    Great review! This motherboard is a beast!

    Thank you very much 🙂

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