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ASRock Z77 Extreme 6

Posted April 7, 2012 by Jake in CPU & Motherboards







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by Jake
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ASRock has changed the look of their motherboards starting with the Z68 Extreme 6. The Z77 Extreme 6 is somewhat of a hybrid between the Z68 Extreme 3 and the Extreme 6 flaunting its new look with a black midnight aesthetic package along with a chrome arrow look with the heatsinks. The Z77 Extreme 6 is simply outstanding looking and would look great in any build. As a bonus, the black flavor blends nicely with any hardware.

ASRock has somewhat changed the interface of the UEFI BIOS with a soft easy blue hue which is easy on the eye. The AXTU utility stays the same and it is a neat GUI to overclock in Windows. The additional software package coupled with Media Espresso makes the total package very good.

However, overclocking the Z77 Extreme 6 left us with a bit disappointed; we felt we could have squeezed a few hundred more MHz out of it with our 2600K. We expected a little more as it fell 400MHz short of other Z77 motherboards we have recently tested. Is this a deal breaker? Perhaps for enthusiasts looking for cutting edge frequencies, but for most, it is not. The Extreme 6 overclocks well but just not top tier, and it doesn’t have any sort of dynamic auto overclocking either.

That said, the overall package ASRock has with the Z77 Extreme 6 is very good and we certainly do give it our recommendation.

ASRock Z77 Extreme 6




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