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ASRock X99 WS Workstation Board – Review

Posted October 14, 2014 by Sandy Bruce in CPU & Motherboards


Release Date: Now
Price at time of Review: $303 AR Newegg


Color Theme, Board cooling, Price compared to other X99 boards, UEFI, HDD Saver, Easy&stable overclocks, M.2 support


More PWM fan headers, M.2 Placement,
No need to rely on a "server" boards that will break the bank. If you are looking for a solid workstation or gaming rig that can support a large amount of GPUs, top of the line CPUs and maximum capacity of memory, the ASrock X99 should be seriously considered.
by Sandy Bruce
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There are a couple of ways to squeeze a bit more processing power from your CPU: Software based overclock tools, Auto Overclock using UEFI or manually setting everything yourself. Most often a higher overclock can be achieved using the manual method; however, it requires a bit more know-how and understanding of the platform which is why it isn’t for novices. Using the A-Tuning software ASRock provided, a novice can get a bit extra without the level of risk involved with manual overclocking. A-tuning makes it crazy simple to do; just press the start button and the A-tuning software will take over from there and display the final overclocking result. In my case it overclocked the 5820k to 4.3 in about a minute.

Atuning Op mode advanced OC 4.3 Auto

4.3oc cpuz

Reaching 4.4GHz in the UEFI was pretty easy. You just alter the multiplier and increase voltage, save and reboot. Of course there are more complicated and in-depth ways to reach a higher overclock using the BLK and other settings. I just wanted to top whatever result the A-Tuning software achieved. System was stable at this speed. I was able run Prime95, Unigine Heaven and PCmark8 with no hanging or lag. CPU Temps were in a good range too. We will show temps in another review.

4.4 OC manual

Here is a couple of quick scores using R9 290s in Crossfire and the 5820k with stock settings. Again this is just for you to get a rough idea of performance if you are planning a build close to what I am using. If you switch to 780 TI’s or 290x’s you should expect your scores to be much higher.

3dmark skydiver

3dmark firestrike

I think it is almost time to pick up one or two more R9 290s. The X99 WS can support it, so why not take advantage of it after I switch to the higher end 5930k. The 40 PCIe3 lanes are sorely needed.

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