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Asrock X370 Taichi Motherboard Review

Posted March 2, 2018 by Josh Jackson in CPU & Motherboards


Price at time of Review: $179.99 on Newegg


Very Stable (At least for the reviewer), Nice Aesthetics, Great Audio Quality, Solid CPU Overclocking, Lots of Features for a Great Price


Manual DRAM overclocking is difficult, RGB lighting is a bit anemic compared to other boards
Based on performance alone, Asrock would have a compelling option. Once price is factored in, the Taichi is by far the best value in the X370 landscape and that's even before you consider the $20-$30 rebates that are frequently offered.
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by Josh Jackson
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In summary, the Asrock X370 Taichi performed extremely well against what would be considered an industry leader. The VRM might struggle when put to the LN2 test, but the vast majority of PC builders are going to want an overclock that can handle daily gaming use. Asrock certainly excels in this area and I personally love how stable the board has been for me. It’s not perfect, but nothing in the Ryzen world can claim that at the time being. The DRAM overclocking could use some work and I’d like to have the option for better lighting options built into the board itself. Currently though, it’s the most stable platform I’ve used with Ryzen to date.

Price becomes the determining factor and Asrock seems to thrive in this arena. Currently, the X370 Taichi is available for a pretty hot deal of $180 on Newegg. This is pretty competitive already with many upper tier Ryzen motherboards on the market. When you throw in the $20 rebate currently on Newegg, which happened to be a $30 rebate back when I purchased my board, this is a complete steal for a buyer looking for a strong base to build a Ryzen system off of. My obsession with finding the right board led me to this place, and I can happily award the Asrock X370 Taichi Motherboard the Pure Overclock Must Have Award. Great job!

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