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ASRock A75 Extreme 6 and A55 Pro 3

Posted October 6, 2011 by Jake in CPU & Motherboards







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by Jake
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The ASRock A75 Extreme 6 and A55 Pro 3 both solidify ASRock’s position in the market as a full line motherboard manufacturer. Some may not realize Llano is rapidly becoming a major player in the mainstream desktop arena and both motherboards offer nuances from the novice to the enthusiast at the best price/performance segment in the industry today. Those not looking to drop a boat load of cash in a high end gaming system do not need to look any further. The Llano platform gives multiple graphic options that the others cannot match.

As a standalone system, both the A75 Extreme 6 and A55 Pro 3 offer an excellent combo with any Llano APU that can handle light gaming and everyday tasks without a glitch. Couple a Radeon 6670 or 6770 in crossfire with the A8-3850’s on die GPU with either motherboard and you have a very capable gaming rig that can run high resolutions. In Pure Overclock’s opinion, crossfire with the on die GPU is ground breaking territory. Add a discrete Radeon 6870 or even a 6970 and you have a gaming system that can handle anything at full throttle. It certainly doesn’t have the high horsepower of a flagship AMD or Intel setup, but it’s nowhere near the price either.

Interestingly, both of these boards have similar performance and overclocking features. The new UEFI BIOS and AXTU software are also excellent overall tools for both novices and hardcore enthusiasts, allowing a huge amount of customization including robust auto features. After seeing many motherboards up close, we feel AXTU is one of the easiest and best software solutions for AMD platforms amongst all manufacturers. Overclocking was a bit challenging as we fell short of the max overclock on the chip. Hey, most won’t overclock the platform anyhow.

Pricing for the A75 Extreme 6 comes in at $145 and the A55 Pro 3 for $79 giving the Extreme 6 maximum features and the Pro 3 with the price sensitive buyer in mind. Both represent great values and remember, full feature motherboards for both Bulldozer and Sandybridge retail for $250 or more. Each ASRock board represents an excellent bang for the buck at each respective level giving both the A75 Extreme 6 and the A55 Pro 3 a strong place in the market and earning our recommendation.

ASRock A75 Extreme 6

ASRock A55 Pro 3


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    I have installed an A55 mobo with a 3400 apu..works great and consumes 62W at load 🙂

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