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ASRock 870i Cafe

Posted October 26, 2010 by Jake in CPU & Motherboards







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by Jake
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If the CPU is the brain of the computer, then the motherboard is the nervous system, bringing everything together, getting everything to work properly (This nervous system also has part of the brain – a few controllers). For anything to work, it must be plugged into the motherboard, or into something else that plugs into the motherboard.

This is why we have such a range of motherboards – some big, some small, some expensive, some cheap, some packed with features, others skimping. Unless you don’t mind paying huge money for one, you will need to make a compromise, and this is where things get interesting. AMD has a pretty big range of chipsets available, from high-end (High PCI-E lane count / Highly clocked iGPU), to lower end (Low PCI-E lane count / iGPU with low clockspeed).

To figure out your ideal board, you first need to know for what the computer will be used – will you be using a discrete graphic solution? If so, will you be using only one GPU? Do you plan to overclock? How big is the case you plan to use? Do you use a lot of peripherals? These questions among many stick out as things to consider before purchasing a motherboard, and soon will be addressed.

For review, we’ve got the ASRock 870i Cafe, an 870 based motherboard. While it doesn’t look like much, it does have some great value, given its price.

Let’s check it out!

"ASRock Inc., established in 2002, target at entry to mainstream segment MB business, is an energetic company with the combination of technology and humanity. Devoting efforts to bring customers the innovative and reliable motherboards with the design concept of 3C, “Creative, Considerate, Cost-effective”, ASRock has successfully established a well-known leading brand of the best price-performance motherboard in the industry. ASRock products’ high recognition stems from the company’s devotion to bring the most cost-performance products to users."



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