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Arctic Sound P311 Bluetooth Headset

Posted November 11, 2010 by Jake in PC Audio







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by Jake
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Arctic Cooling is a company that has been traditionally best known probably for their CPU and VGA cooling products. But just because that may be one of their mainstays doesn’t mean that’s all they have in their lineup. In fact, it seems they’re not focusing on the "Cooling" part of the comapany name and are now going simply by "Arctic". What does this mean? Well, it appears to mean they’re branching out into other product markets.

In fact, Arctic has a stable full of products in areas such as cases, power supplies, peripherals, and audio. And it is that last area that we’re interested in today. Referred to as Arctic Sound, they’re continuing their foray into other markets, and this time it’s the audio arena with a new headset, the P311.

The P311 is a wireless headset that is designed to complement any device that supports Bluetooth. They’re sleek, lightweight, versatile, and reasonably priced at less than $40. But what about performance? How does the audio actually sound? Indeed, this is where headsets make their reputations, so let’s take a closer look and see just how well the Arctic Sound P311 performs.

ARCTIC COOLING is a privately owned company founded in 2001 with headquarters in Switzerland, offices in Hong Kong and the USA and production facilities in Asia. The ARCTIC COOLING team consists of international highly educated people with business, technical and communicational skills. The attitude to work is based on Swiss principles of innovative spirit and high standards of workmanship for which it is recognized internationally. This striving for excellence is integrated in all processes as a matter of course. ARCTIC COOLING´s core competencies are multifarious including systematic noise reduction,copper and aluminum heatsink development, customization of thermal solutions, as well as designing quiet fans. More recently quiet and cool PC Cases and Power Supplies have been developed.



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