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Arctic Liquid Freezer 120 w/ NZXT Kraken G12 GPU Cooler Review

Posted April 20, 2018 by Josh Jackson in Cooling


Manufacturer: ,
Price at time of Review: $67.17 on Newegg and Amazon


Unbelievable Cooling Performance (for GPU), Excellent Noise Levels, Amazing Value for Price


Arctic seems to intentionally pass up on fancy RGB and software, to give the user top of the line cooling performance at an amazing price. The Liquid Freezer 120 makes a perfect CLC for a GPU, as long as you're willing to work through any installation hurdles you might face with the NZXT G12 bracket.
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by Josh Jackson
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It’s time to do what we do best. Cooling! Closed Loop Coolers (CLCs) have been a huge boon to the PC building industry. They have their weaknesses, but in the end they end up being an easy, affordable solution for adding liquid cooling to a PC. When it comes to reviewing a cooling unit, cranking up the heat from a CPU seems like the natural way to go, but what if someone used a GPU instead to test a unit?

Typically, you don’t just add a CLC to a graphics card, but NZXT designed the Kraken G12 bracket for just the occasion. Of course you need a compatible CLC in order to make it work, and that’s where Arctic comes to play. I’ve looked into finding what I thought would be the best CLC for the purpose of using on a GPU, and my research led me to choosing the Liquid Freezer 120. It was pure speculation at the time, but the combination of two included fans, an extra thick radiator, and a convenient 120mm size seemed like the perfect fit. Also, the price was really good.

Of course there’s one more issue we need to address. How do we control the fan speed on this cooler? The Liquid Freezer doesn’t have a way to integrate with software control. For instance, NZXT Kraken units can use CAM software to tie the fan curves to the GPU temps. Some motherboards offer the functionality to control fan headers with other sensors on the board, but even I’m not sure that they’ll let you pick the GPU to control the fans. Perhaps there’s a way to use the graphics card fan header to control the Liquid Freezer. Today we get to review the unit, so we’ll see how accurate my speculation ends up being.

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