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Arctic Cooling Accelero GPU Coolers (X1/X2)

Posted February 27, 2006 by admin in Cooling







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The NV silencer range was a revelation in GPU cooling, but its clear Arctic Cooling is ready to move on, and the X1 and X2 are the first signs of the transition.

Both the X1 and X2 are similar, and because of this they give the same performance increases to ATI or Nvidia users. The stock cooler on the X1800XT is utter tosh though, and so though the X2 is ultimately the same as the X1 it offers even more to the end users of such cards.

Though the cooling performance of both the X1 and X2 are excellent, it?s the noise characteristics which make them stand head and shoulders above the competition. Whether you turn the fan up or down you loose very little in terms of performance. This makes it a true all rounder that both overclockers and noise connoisseurs can enjoy.

I do have concerns regarding heat build up now the exhaust is blown directly onto the motherboard as it does get rather warm around the PCI-e slot.?The NV Silencer’s exhaust directly out of the case?but the PCB of the GPU and the PCI-e slot still get pretty warm regardless.?I’m not convinced there is much of a heat?issue with the Accelero’s new design, though it is bound to raise case temperature a notch.

Overall the X1 and X2 are must have accessories for the enthusiast. Unless you water cool your GPU?s or already have an NV Silencer you have no reason to stall. Arctic Cooling products are always so aggressively priced it?s a simple decision ? grab one or miss out.



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