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Arctic Cooling Accelero GPU Coolers (X1/X2)

Posted February 27, 2006 by admin in Cooling







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Test results: Accelero X2

ATI?s reference cooler does a reasonable job of cooling the core, but it has horrendous noise characteristics. When the core temperature is below 70c the fan is noisy but nothing more than background pollution. At 74c the fan RPM and thus noise levels dramatically increases. It’s not a whooshing noise or a ticking noise?like you would expect to hear?from a high RPM fan, it’s more a sine wave noise – a constant whining ?shoot me now please? type of alienating noise. When the core hits 80c the fan speeds up yet again. Surprisingly, though now louder in decibels, it’s more bearable than the increase that took place at 74c. It’s now a typical whooshing noise synonymous with a high RPM fan. The fan speed increase that took place at 80c creates a lot more airflow and so the core temperature drops down to 77c. After a few seconds at 77c the fan spins back down to the sine wave noise and so temperatures increase back to 80c, and so on. This game of table tennis continued for the entire test and is so very annoying.

This of course is when it?s in dynamic mode. I?m not even going to describe what it sounds like with the fan RPM at 100%, it?s as loud as a hair dryer! It should come as no surprise to hear me say that I’m not a fan of ATI’s reference cooler?

In comparison, the X2 is absolute bliss. In dynamic mode it?s just plain…silent. Ok, it?s not absolutely silent, but I couldn?t hear it in my PC with all fans switched off. The only parts running were the X2 and a Hydor L30 water pump.

With the X2 set up in ATI Tool to run at 100%, ?it’s still quieter than the reference cooler when it?s just bumming around at?idle! The X2 at 100%?is noticeable, but it?s just a moderately quite whooshing noise.

Accelero X2 Test Results
Ambient ?C
Idle ?C
Load ?C
Delta T ?C
Accelero X2 (Dynamic)
Accelero X2 (100%)

As already mentioned, the X2 is leagues ahead of the reference cooler in terms of noise, and these results clearly show it has better performance to boot!

In dynamic mode the X2 is so quiet you?d be hard pressed to hear it under any circumstances, and it?s a full 6?C cooler. With the fan at 100% it?s still quieter than the reference cooler in dynamic mode but is 14?C cooler. I won?t even compare the reference coolers performance with its fan at 100% as it?s just unbearable.

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