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AquaComputer Cuplex Kryos XT

Posted May 6, 2011 by Jake in Cooling







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by Jake
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In order to keep a blazing fast processor cool and better preserve its life expectancy, you need quality cooling. There are some air coolers on the market that may do the trick, but for users who want something more there is water cooling.

Today we’re looking at a CPU water block from AquaComputer. While AquaComputer isn’t quite as well known in the North American market, their Cuplex XT CPU water block is well known among water cooling enthusiasts. And with the release of the Kryos, AquaComputer is looking to improve upon their success.

The AquaComputer Cuplex Kryos CPU water block comes in a variety of versions, six to be exact, with various finishes and associated prices to suit just about any preference. Ranging from $50 for the basic block to a whopping $280 for the limited Silver Edition, we’re looking at the mid-range model, the Cuplex Kryos Xt. It’s a high performance CPU water block with a respectable price tag of about $80.

It looks gorgeous, but it’s a tough market out there with some strong competition. We’re going to pit the Kryos against a couple other top water blocks and see how things shake out. Let’s dive in and see what the AquaComputer Kryos XT block brings to the game.

noise and enhance the PC-Performance. AquaComputer is one of the leading manufacturers of water cooling systems. On the following sites we offer you water cooling solutions of the highest technical level. Beginning from an introductory price of 100? to an absolute high-end cooling system. All products by AquaComputer are developed and manufactured in Germany. Our products comply with highest standards!?




    I have the Cuplex Kyros High Flow With a Silver base . and I really like it. I also After buying the silver base . Bought my own Sterling Silver Bars . That I have machined Like the ones that come with the the Cuplex kyros . Than I buy the copper based Kyros and put the new silver bases on those . I save about $75 dollars in this manner.. I like your review but we do have a differance of opion on the mounting . I like The mounting its simple for what it does . I like the 8 supplied Black plastic washers supplied for differant Mother board back plate thickness. Going down to fastenall and getting 4 1/4 longer screws is highly recommened . Also putting a peace of racers tape on the screws for the backplate makes the job rather easy and full proof . Nice article.

      Sandy Bruce

      Glad you like the review. I am sure if Jake went back and reviewed this item now he would rate things differently as you have. A lot has happened in the last 4 years in the world of water cooling. Compared to what is available today this block is antiquated at best.
      Most people don’t have machining tools to make their own block parts. lol You obviously have skills many of us don’t. Join the forum and please post pics of you work, we would love to see it. We have a few guys that do machining work and create some really cool projects.

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