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AquaComputer AquagratiX 5870 GPU Water Block

Posted May 18, 2010 by Jake in Cooling







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by Jake
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It would appear that good things do come in small packages. The AquagratiX RV870 is the slimmest and most lightweight full coverage GPU block we’ve ever tested. This certainly reduces the stress placed on the graphics card PCB and the motherboard as well. Further, the aesthetics of this block are subject to personal preference but we think it looks fabulous and unique.

More importantly, however, is the performance, as aesthetics will only get so far when a graphics card starts to heat up.  And this is where the RV870 performs very well despite its wonderfully slim and compact form. The AquagratiX did very well, keeping the overclocked Radeon 5870 cool as a cucumber, though we did note that the VRM temperatures jumped a bit but nothing to be concerned about.

We did come across a couple minor niggles though. This block is very slim, and as a result, the clearance tolerances are extremely tight. If you decide to use the thermal pad instead of paste, then you won’t be able to mount the block properly because the pad is a tad too thick and it will push the block further away from the PCB which is make one of the mounting screw too short (the one for the GPU) to reach the mounting screw holes on the block.   Also, the pressure can cause the graphic card to not work properly due to the pressure at the GPU and Memory.  Lastly, this card is not compatible with big compression fittings such as Bitspower 1/2" ID & 3/4" OD.  Sorry high flow fanatics, you’ll have to settle for smaller tubes instead here.

Priced very competitively at 80 EUR, AquagratiX features stunning build quality and a slim and compact design in a unique aesthetic. The AquagratiX RV870 has a few minor restrictions but is otherwise a great full coverage water block for the Radeon 5870.

AquaComputer RV870



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