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AORUS Thunder M7 Mouse and P3 Mouse Pad Review

Posted September 26, 2014 by Jake in Peripherals


Price at time of Review: $90 (M7); $40 (P3)


Lightweight; Sleek design; Plenty of buttons; Lighting effects; Easy to use software; Comfortable


Not suited to large hands; Expensive
Smaller-sized MMO/RTS mouse that's comfortable and well-featured.
by Jake
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It’s interesting that Gigabyte has created the AORUS gaming brand; we’re not sure if it’s due to lack of success or panache of the Aivia line, or if it’s a chance for a fresh start in a new direction for the MMO market. Either way, we think the AORUS Thunder lineup is on the right track so far, and could certainly grab the attention of the MMO crowd.

From an aesthetics standpoint, the Thunder M7 looks slightly busy because of the massive number of buttons incorporated into the design. However, it’s black and stealthy, with contrasting surface textures and materials, and has a smooth and flowing design finish. It does look rather aggressive though, and we think it’s well proportioned for what it is.

In terms of ergonomics, it’s not particularly well suited to really large hands, since it’s a fairly small mouse. You also need a bit of respectable manual dexterity to hit the right button, but we suspect that will come with usage and time. The textured surfaces are very nicely done and overall the M7 is very comfortable, though a bit on the fussy side when reaching for some of the clustered buttons. It may not be much of an issue in an MMO or RTS game where you have a bit of time to cycle through presets, but in an FPS game where split seconds count, it’s rather awkward.

In terms of features, the Profiles and Macros are helpful for MMO players or anyone who tends to prefer shortcuts in a workstation-oriented setup.The lighting is pleasant, though slightly gimmicky for the clear window, and will be largely blocked by your hand for the most part when in use. The software is easy to use, almost too simplistic, but the interface is clean and intuitive.

The P3 mouse pad is utterly massive, and it’s a solid choice for anyone looking to use a control pad that can also accommodate a keyboard as well. It may be overkill, but that’s debatable. That said, the overall package here is very good. The price for the M7 is about $90, while the P3 mouse pad goes for about $40. There aren’t many MMO-dedicated mice on the market, and it’s a bit steep in our opinion for $90, but it’s a quality product so we can’t really complain. The mouse pad is a bit expensive for a pad, but it’s important to remember it’s not solely a mouse pad, as it can fit your keyboard as well. So if you absolutely need that size then it’s reasonable for the area being provided. You do get quite a good bang for your buck here with the M7.

So long as you don’t have jumbo-sized hands, if you’re looking for a MMO/RTS mouse that brings some great design features to the gaming experience, the AORUS Thunder M7 is a solid option.

AORUS Thunder M7 Mouse and P7 Mouse Pad



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