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AORUS Thunder M7 Mouse and P3 Mouse Pad Review

Posted September 26, 2014 by Jake in Peripherals


Price at time of Review: $90 (M7); $40 (P3)


Lightweight; Sleek design; Plenty of buttons; Lighting effects; Easy to use software; Comfortable


Not suited to large hands; Expensive
Smaller-sized MMO/RTS mouse that's comfortable and well-featured.
by Jake
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Thunder P3 Mouse Pad

As an added bonus, we’re also looking at the AORUS Thunder P3 Mouse Pad as well.

Before we jump right in, let’s have a brief discussion about gaming surfaces. Despite what some marketing gurus may try to convince us otherwise, there are essentially only two general types of gaming surface: soft and hard. The soft gaming surfaces may be coated with any fancy combination of chemicals or treatments, but they are all textured and often “spongy” to a certain degree. This is because they’re multi-layered with a thicker backing which is then bonded to the textured surface itself. These surfaces are typically flexible, although a few have a rigid backing. These types of gaming surfaces are called “control” mats.

Hard gaming surfaces are generally plastic or polymer-based and are thinner and slicker compared to their cloth counterparts. The hard surfaces can be flexible or rigid, and offer low-resistance surfaces that traditionally allow mice to more easily glide across. These are typically called “speed” mouse pads.

The Thunder P3 is a control pad, and comes in various sizes, up to 1m in width! Yes, that massive, such that you can place both your keyboard and mouse on it. As you can see below, it’s massive.

The Thunder P3 has a rubber underpad on the bottom/back, which will prevent any slipping along even the most smooth desk. The underpad is also textured and soft, allowing the pads to be entirely flexible and “smooth” out any minor bumps or grooves in your desk.

Stitched edges which are cauterized help avoid any stray fibers, as well as prolonging the life of the pad, as shown here on a closeup.

The surface of the P3 is also spill resistant, because we all know how clumsy we can be when eating and drinking while gaming (admit it, we all do it).

Let’s check out the software next.

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