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AORUS Thunder K7 Keyboard Review

Posted October 6, 2014 by Jake in




Bold styling; Detachable numpad; Several ergo combinations; Dedicated lighting and volume; Backlighting; Macros


No USB or audio ports; Lack of cable routing grooves; Hard wrist rest; Expensive
Pricey, but a great example of unique and smart features coming together for consumers who want something special.
by Jake
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I’m going to make a confession of bias right off the bat before I continue further with this review: I absolutely love mechanical keyboards. They’re a breed of hardware that signal an old school vibe where you could really hammer on the keys without fear of breaking something.

So it should be no surprise that we’ve seen mechanical keyboards become all the rage in the market. Even that $80 membrane keyboard is arguably obsolete and overpriced for what you get in terms of function and value; once you use a mechanical keyboard, you’ll wonder how you survived without one. Investing a bit of extra money in a great keyboard is well worth the payoff, and the days of the cheap plastic boards may soon become a distant memory.

Today we’re looking at the AORUS Thunder K7 mechanical gaming keyboard, a fully backlit board that sports some solid styling and a unique design, looking to attract consumers who want something a bit different. The Thunder K7 is not your average mechanical board, as one of its most unique features is detachable and movable numpad, suitable for both lefties and righties.

That combination is pretty rare, so test driving the K7 was certainly a priority. The price of entry here? It’s $150 for a keyboard that has an impressive spec sheet. That’s not exactly cheap, but good design rarely is. It’s also worth mentioning that AORUS is essentially a gaming-specific lineup from Gigabyte, so there’s an industry heavyweight backing this product.

Question is: can the AORUS Thunder K7 can stand out in a widening field of mechanical keyboards? Let’s get to it and find out.



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