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Aorus Radeon RX 580 & 570 Graphics Card Review

Posted July 15, 2017 by Josh Jackson in Video Cards


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Price at time of Review: $500+ if it's even in stock, but should drop down to around $250 if crypto-currency slows down again.


Great AAA Performance, Love the Aorus Aesthetic, Very good Build Quality, Extremely Good temp and noise levels


RX 580 doesn't overclock well, Lower performance in Overwatch than expected, Ridiculous pricing due to mining craze
If you like to sit back in AAA titles and chew on story with your game play, the RX 580 is a perfect fit. If you're looking for the perfect Overwatch card, let's hope Radeon can do some improvements in drivers or future releases at the very least.
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by Josh Jackson
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I’ve been reading about the mid-range GPU battle for a while, but this is the first time I really felt like I saw a clear picture of what’s happening. For starters, I feel like we’re really seeing the results of a push to improve performance in AAA titles. The RX 580 matched the 1060 rather well, even closing DirectX 11 gaps that were a bit of an Achilles heel in the past. DirectX 12 seems to be just fine for AMD and while the 1060’s 6 GB of VRAM offer more competition, the 8 GB of VRAM on the 580 is great for higher resolutions.

On the other hand, we do have some glaring issues. For starters, I just don’t see mid $200 cards being used for much more that 1080p screens. Higher resolutions get pricey, but finding budget options that at least push the refresh range to 144 Hz seems more realistic for budget builders, over higher resolution. I did notice that higher res seemed to look better in AAA, while competitive games look better at 144 Hz. That brings us to the other big issue, that Nvidia enjoys comfortable leads inĀ eSport and Blizzard titles. I thought I messed something up during my Overwatch testing, but I confirmed my settings and I see the low performance in this title hurting the RX 500 series pretty heavily. If AMD can improve performance in Blizzard through drivers, I’d highly recommend it.

That doesn’t mean the RX 580 performed poorly either. One of the huge benefits I see with Radeon is the FreeSync support. Having used that feature for some time now, it is definitely one of the best improvements I’ve seen to the gaming experience ever, especially when it’s so easily available through team Red. However, the real star of this review is the RX 570. I feel like it’s the biggest problem to the 580, since a simple overclock will give practically all the performance of a 580 at 1080p resolution. If you aren’t comfortable with overclocking though, then a 580 might do the trick for you.

The final benefit to the RX 500 series that really makes me want to recommend it is the support for CrossfireX. I can’t tell you how much I loved being able to pair the 570 with the 580 and seeing some decent performance increases. Sure, some games won’t benefit from this, but if you are in a solid budget market and want to save some money on a future upgrade, adding a second card at the end of it’s cycle can net you a great sale and add a couple of more years before needing entirely new architecture.

Awarding was pretty rough here. It’s hard to recommend the 580 when the 570 is such a great value. Honestly, if you game at 1080p then it’s the 570 that should be at your shortlist. On the other hand, I can’t discredit what Aorus has done with these cards either. The design and quality are top notch! I can say that if you are definitely in the market for a 500 series unit, Aorus has one of the best out there. As such, I’m going to happily award the Aorus RX 580 and RX 570 the Pureoverclock Editor’s Choice Award!

(On a side note, the mining craze is happening all over again and finding an RX 580 or RX 570 is extremely difficult. For now, the awards stands as a testament to the original MSRPĀ pricing that was around $250, but the current pricing of $500+ is extremely over priced. We expect the craze to die down again, but we’ll keep an eye on things in the meantime to make sure.)

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