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Antec Sonata Elite

Posted September 17, 2009 by Jake in Cases & PSU







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by Jake
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The Antec Sonata Elite is rather striking in its subdued aesthetics that would suit just about any preference or personal taste, and would fit into just about any office or home setting. Antec has done a fine job of keeping the styling neutral without becoming boring.

From a functional standpoint, the Sonata Elite offers quiet operation when the two fans are set at the low setting, but they can be heard just like any other case when they are set to high. As always this is a give and take; you either want a quiet system or a system that offers improved cooling performance.

When installing components, it was not as problematic as I anticipated with the power supply bracket crossing the motherboard tray. After the Installation of the motherboard the rest of the build went quite smoothly. It could have gone even better had this chassis offered a completely tool-less installation, which would also make it a more attractive lure to potential users, as there are several good cases on the market that offer extensive tool-less designs.

From a performance perspective, I would venture to guess that if you decided to run a hot Quad Core CPU with a Crossfire or SLI setup, then the temperatures would not be manageable in this chassis. If there were options to add extra fans as intakes, forcing more air in then cooling performance here would greatly benefit.

The Antec Sonata Elite sells on Newegg.com for around $120 US, putting this case in a very competitive price point with some popular offerings to choose. The aesthetics and functionality of the Sonata Elite are attractive, but due to the lackluster cooling performance we believe that "mainstream" users would be more suited to this case rather than hardcore enthusiasts or gamers that require flexible cooling options. That being said, the Antec Sonata is a good case to serve a large mainstream market, and though it’s not without a few shortcomings, we do believe would be a worthwhile option for those looking for a quality case.



Antec Sonata Elite

Our thanks go to Antec for providing the Sonata Elite for this review.



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