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Antec Sonata Elite

Posted September 17, 2009 by Jake in Cases & PSU







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by Jake
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When examining (or shopping for) computer enclosures, there are basically three things to look for: aesthetics, wire management, functionality. These are the three main components that need to be looked at when choosing a home for all that expensive gear we jam into a case. Now you may be saying what about the cost? Why not look at that it is a big part of the process when we choose a case, right?

Well, you would be only partially right but you would also be partially wrong in my opinion. Now don’t get mad and stop reading here–let me explain. Basically what it boils down to is you get what you pay for, plain and simple. Don’t go and buy a $50 chassis and expect it to function the same way as a $250 case, it’s just not going to happen.

Here are a few questions you need to ask yourself before you consider buying a chassis from any manufacturer: what do I want to do with the system? Am I a gamer and a LAN Party person? How much equipment am I going to put in it and how much heat is going to be generated? What is the end result I am going for, and what type of aesthetics might suit my preferences? And you thought choosing a chassis was easy, huh?

Unfortunately I can’t help you with these questions, you’re on your own for that, but I can answer this: How does the Antec Sonata Elite stack up when put through the ringer? So as you may have guessed this is the chassis I will be looking at today. Read on to see how it fares.

Thanks go to our friends at Antec for supplying the review sample.

Antec, Inc. is the global leader in high-performance computer components and accessories for the gaming, PC upgrade and Do-It-Yourself markets. Founded in 1986, Antec is recognized as a pioneer in the industry and has maintained its position as a worldwide market leader and international provider of quiet, efficient and innovative products. Antec has also achieved great success in the distribution channel, meeting the demands of quality-conscious system builders, VARs and integrators. Antec?s offering of enclosures includes a wide range of cases, such as its advanced Performance One Series, economical New Solution Series and VERIS family of media components designed for the home theater PC market.



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