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Antec Nine Hundred Two

Posted June 24, 2009 by Jake in Cases & PSU







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by Jake
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The Antec Nine Hundred Two represents what seems to follow the notion don’t bet against the streak. With the wildly successful Nine Hundred, Antec has simply tweaked and fine-tuned its successor to offer a refreshed version that should also prove very popular. The same design is brought forward, though the aesthetics have been slightly updated as well; whether you think that is a good thing or not will be left to your personal preferences. We do think it is still rather chunky in its visual presentation, but we also think that this is a case that makes no excuses about its functionality that seems to trump form.

Functionally speaking, the Nine Hundred Two has a tidy and well-organized interior that shows attention has been paid to the details that make a difference.  The feature set here isn’t anything terribly ground-breaking or innovative, but what the case does offer, it does accomplish exceedingly well. The airflow and cooling here are second to none, and for those consumers that want to keep their monster hotrod from becoming overheated, then the Nine Hundred Two accomplishes that in a rather compact form that is portable to LAN parties as well.

With an approximate price tag of $130 USD, the Nine Hundred Two is in a very competitive market segment, with several cases available in the range that offer features that specifically cater to the gamer crowd. Antec is likely counting on brand loyalty and name recognition with the Nine Hundred Two to aid in sales by capitalizing on the widespread popularity of its renowned predecessor.

There are only a few detractions here; namely the lack of good cable management details, the loud fan noise when run on the high setting, and the mildly cramped interior posed by long graphics cards that have end-mounted power connections. These are not deal-breakers, however, and are probably only concerns to a more limited number of people. Clearly, this case is not targeted to the modders in the crowd, nor the water cooling enthusiasts; it is squarely set on the gamer market. The Antec Nine Hundred Two has certainly succeeded in improving upon and surpassing the vaunted Nine Hundred, offering consumers a great case and a solid recommendation from us.



Antec Nine Hundred Two

Our thanks go to Antec for providing the Nine Hundred Two for this review.



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