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ANDROMEDIA AM Bluetooth Speakers

Posted September 10, 2014 by Vinny Petronio in Peripherals


Price at time of Review: from $10.00 USD to $21.00 USD


Performance, build quality, Price, Sound quality
Not only do you get great value from Andromedia for your money spent with all four speakers, but you also receive a quality product that will bring you lots of listening pleasure
by Vinny Petronio
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Conclusion and Final Thoughts:

When you are shopping for a Bluetooth speaker, Andromedia has covered all the bases with their four available options. I personally like them all for various reasons, with the first being portability. They are easy to store and carry, for the money spent the features included on all four are phenomenal, and sound quality is the best I have heard from speakers in this price range and this size.

Starting with the Golf, it is cute and versatile and would make a great gift for some of the younger kids in the family or for you older folks a great conversation piece, and with a MSRP of only $9.99 is a great value for the money spent. It also provides the listener with some good sound.


The Supersonic-P and Supersonic-X, on the other hand, are more for the serious listener and music lover. The sound quality and bass response is top notch. Weight-wise they’re a little on the heavy side due to the multiple speakers placed around and within them; they are not small enough for the pocket, and not made to carry. They are extremely loud when the volume is turned up, and when the bass feature is turned on it will rock your world. They both come with a MSRP of only $20.00 USD, and although they are twice the price of the Golf they’re worth every penny.


The Curve-mini is actually my favorite; it is a lot more portable, lightweight, and can be folded up and easily carried in your pocket or purse. Although it does not have the bass feature of the others, it does not need it. The build quality is great and sound quality is clean, clear, and great for music or movies, plus the stand will accommodate either your cell phone or tablet and adjusting the angle makes it great for placement anywhere, especially when kicking back and listening to music or watching movies. The Curve-mini also comes with an MSRP of only $21.00USD. As much as I like the others, in my opinion this one is at the top of my list and for a dollar more the best purchase for your money spent.


My final thoughts:

Not only do you get great value from Andromedia for your money spent with all four, but you also receive a quality product that will bring you lots of listening pleasure while at the beach, or picnic, or just relaxing at home immersed in music or a movie while kicking back in your easy chair. The Golf easily receives The Pure Overclock Great Value Award, both the Supersonic-P and Supersonic-X receive The Pure Overclock Great Hardware Award, and the Curve-mini receives Pure Overclocks coveted Editor’s Choice award.

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Golf Supersonic P/X Curve-mini





    i cant connect to the pc with device
    pc need to drivers for speaker and i cant found any drivers for it
    what should i do?

      Sandy Bruce

      Bluetooth speakers do not need a driver. bluetooth is a communication standard and if the driver are installed you will just need to pair the devices. You may need a driver for your bluetooth adapter in your PC or Notebook. if it is a notebook go to manufacturer site and download. Make sure bluetooth adapter is turn on in bios and if there is a switch or buttons.

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