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AMD’s new Wraith Cooler and a SURPRISE!

Posted March 4, 2016 by Scott Guthrie in Cooling


Hardware: ,
Price at time of Review: $199.00


Quiet, solid performance, great appearance.


None I can think of.
The AMD Wraith Cooler is a fantastic upgrade to AMD's stock HSF line. It's worth well more than the $10 that AMD asks to upgrade from the standard Cooler on the FX 8370.
by Scott Guthrie
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It’s always nice to receive a surprise in the mail, especially the kind where you were expecting one thing, and got so much more. AMD managed to surprise me in this way this January!

As it happens, Josh (in the normal course of things), throws out to the reviewer pool opportunities to review the odd piece of hardware that a vendor has offered to let us review here at PureOC. People volunteer, and through some magic, Josh picks a reviewer. In this case, the hardware in question was a low profile cooler called “The Wraith Cooler” from AMD. I suppose I should have realized that this was AMD specific hardware given the manufacturer, but I’ll be honest, I saw low-profile, nearly silent, and thought “Me! Me! Me!” and threw my proverbial hat into the review ring. Josh cast his magic spell, shook his magic 8 ball, or whatever, and I received the nod.

Joy! Color me excited! I’m going to get to review a low profile cooler! My thoughts immediately shift to the planning stage, and off I go.

Now, keep in mind the Northeast had been snowed in for a few days, and packages had been delayed. So this gave me plenty of time to consider my approach. I’d open up the Pandora containing my i5, remove the Noctua low profile cooler, and install the Wraith, and then do some comparatives. Easy. And the Wraith sounded kinda sexy too. I Love the Noctua, but the fans… that beige and brown theme just isn’t my favorite…

So. I finally dig out of the snow, and Fedex starts delivering again, and I come home from work to find:


Yup. An AMD FX 8370 8 Core 4.3GHz MAX CPU for Desktop very cleverly packaged with the WRAITH COOLER.

Color me flummoxed. Gobsmacked. At a loss for ridiculously long words. Whatever. Surprised. An immediate flurry of e-mails ensued. “Josh…this thing came with a CPU” … “what? It did what?” … “yup, an FX 8370. Doesn’t AMD know that Scott’s house is an Intel Shop?”… and so on.

A plan was hatched. Shot down. A new plan was hatched, the office was raided for supplies. PSU? Check! DDR 3 RAM? Check. SSD? Check! Video Card? Well, does a EVGA GTX 750ti OC count? Ok, well Check! Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse? Check, Check, Check! Motherboard…ummmm….nope (Uh oh), Case…well…no, not really…(uh oh 2). Josh: “How about we put the FX 8370 on a mITX board, then we can throw it into this new case I have.” Scott: “Great idea! Oh wait. Google says no FX mITX motherboards exist. Uh Oh.”

Bright Idea! I’ll take my wallet and go to Microcenter! Whew. Problem solved. I’m now the proud owner of an MSI 970A SLI Krait Edition, and a Corsair HAF XB EVO Lan Box.

Thank You AMD for the fantastic surprise and the opportunity to have a look at one of your recent multi-cored CPU’s along with the brand new WRAITH Cooler.

So while this review is definitely about the Wraith Cooler, and I don’t intend to bench the FX 8370, it will be interesting to see the thermals on this chip as we put it through a few basic tests to measure the performance of the WRAITH Cooler.

Before we get started, although they don’t need any introduction, here’s a little about AMD:53863A_AMD_E_Blk_RGB

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​We design and integrate technology that powers millions of intelligent devices, including personal computers, game consoles and cloud servers that define the new era of surround computing.

Yup. Good thing we already know AMD, otherwise me might miss that they make CPU’s and Video Cards!



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