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AMD Ryzen 7 CPU Series Review: 1800X, 1700X and 1700

Posted March 20, 2017 by Josh Jackson in CPU & Motherboards


Price at time of Review: $329.99-$499.99 on Newegg and Amazon


Great Multi Thread performance, Solid Gaming Performance, Nice Overclocking room on 1700, Easy clock adjustment with Ryzen Master, Price, Power Efficiency, Experience!!!


Near Heart Attack levels of Excitement
Don't let negative vibes fool you. AMD has released an excellent design that far surpasses what the release was like of the FX-8350 years ago. If it wasn't for Ryzen 5, I'd tell everyone to get a Ryzen 7 1700. If you can use 8 cores though, you should still get a 1700!
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by Josh Jackson
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Before I wrap this thing up on my end, I wanted to share one more clip from video review on my channel. In that conclusion, I talk about “Experience.” I’m not talking about the stuff you earn to level up in RPGs. This is what the end user experience is like when using Ryzen and I think it’s really great. Check that out below because it’s too much to try and type out at this point!

In the end, we have a great performing architecture from AMD this time around. There may be performance trades, but this is such a better release when compared to the era of the FX-8350. The best part is how much attention AMD paid to details to ensure they delivered on quality as well. Did you know Ryzen comes with a gold-plated, soldered lid that nearly eliminates obstruction to heat transfer? (Check the video.) While I believe the gaming performance is just fine, there’s no arguing the fact that this chip will really shine in multi threaded workloads. I mentioned how I had Lisa Su on trial status for being my hero and this review put her firmly on the top of my bucket list of people I’d like to meet in person. I can’t believe what an amazing job she’s done with leading the company to this point (I’m sure she would give credit to the engineers, though).

If you’ve been following the news, then you know AMD is still the price to performance champion. When $300-$500 chips are comparing to $1000 dollar ones from Intel, you know you have a win for consumers. Even though the 1800X is a great option, I can’t help but highly recommend the 1700 as a top pick. With a $330 going price on Newegg and Amazon, the easy ability to overclock it, and the fact it has the same threads, cores and caches as its bigger brothers, it should certainly be on your short list of CPUs to consider in your next build. With that, we proudly award the AMD Ryzen 7 1800X, 1700X and 1700, the Pureoverclock Editor’s Choice Award!

editore_choice_white_bgP.S. Did I mention AMD wins big in power efficiency? AMD wins big in power efficiency. Who saw that coming!?!

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    Greg B

    Nice review. I picked up the 1700 last week and an MSI X370 Carbon. Lots of issues with bios stability at the moment. My Gskill ram wont run at its 3200, the best I can get is 2933. Having said this I have a cpu that is overclocked to 4.00ghz under water at 1.3875vcore and running OCCT on all cores with 54C temps at full load. This cpu is a beast and I expect it will get better once bios’ improve and software developers start to optimize for this architecture.

      Josh Jackson

      Thanks for the compliments! That’s interesting on that BIOS level. I might have been taking a risk throwing my Geil Evo X 3200 MHz RAM in there, but the Aorus handled it very well so there was no reason not to. I doubt it will be long before MSI has it figured out.

      That OC is super awesome! Thanks for sharing!!!

    Pete C

    I got the Ryzen 1700 with an Asus X370 and right from the start its more than i expected. Gone are the doubts that this cpu is “worse” than intel in gaming. Running The Division i didnt notice. And as they said: it will only get better.
    Msi just released an improved bios yesterday, so the rest will follow soon. Same with software.


    Great review!

    I am currently in the process of doing some benchmarks for my site too.

    Certainly seems like Ryzen is holding its own against Intel for gaming. It will be interesting to see if game devs going forward will adapt and optimise for Ryzen. They few devs I know have said they’re not exactly sure if it’s worth it overall just yet.

    I’m sure once a few devs do it more will follow assuming results warrant the extra work.


    Everything AMD touches lately has been a huge success. Intel’s great as well, but huge progress on AMD’s side lately.

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