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AMD Phenom II X6 1090T Black Edition

Posted April 27, 2010 by Jake in CPU & Motherboards







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by Jake
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Today brings a bit of a rarity in the computer world: a new processor is being introduced.  Not just a refresh, but the introduction of AMD’s newest chip, Thuban. It’s especially rare because it marks the launch of AMD’s long-awaited 6-core processor, a first for them in the desktop platform for consumers.

Speaking of platforms, today also marks the release of AMD’s Leo platform, featuring the Phenom II X6 processor and 890FX chipset, and HD5800 series graphic cards. Unlike other vendors, the entirety of processing solutions for your gaming pc or workstation can be provided by AMD. The Phenom II X6 is the desktop iteration of the Istanbul chip, and is AMD’s fastest desktop chip to date. The Leo platform is designed to be the next step in AMD Vision, combining AMD produced GPUs, CPUs and chipsets to create a powerful single-vendor platform.

It may appear that AMD is late to the hex-core game, but with a price one-third that of the Intel 980X, the flagship Phenom II X6, or Thuban, is the first hex-core to be released and marketed to mainstream users and gamers with prices that fall far below that of Intel’s offerings.  This includes lower end of the Core i7 product line with which they directly compete, as there is no hex-core processor available from Intel at anywhere near the $300 price range. So AMD is continuing to position themselves as “affordable power computing”, bringing this new 6-core chip to market without essentially having a direct competitor.  You could make the case that the Core i7 quad-core chips are the competitors, and we’ll look at that closely during testing to see if it is a valid argument or not.



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