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AMD FX-9590 Overclocked Review

Posted May 11, 2016 by Josh Jackson in CPU & Motherboards


Price at time of Review: $229.99 on Newegg


Great Multi-threaded performance, Reasonable increase to single thread performance (via increase clock speeds), Unlocked multiplier,


High TDP, Excessive core temps, Motherboard VRMs end up working hotter as well
This is essentially a factory overclocked FX chip that will offer some very reasonable performance with applications that benefit from multiple threads. DirectX 12 makes this chip a much more compelling option for those who don't have expensive electricity bills. If you know for sure you want a liquid cooler for your system, then this chip can work great for a price to performance ratio.
by Josh Jackson
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Back in 2013, AMD released a chip that had many scratching their heads. Between the abnormally high TDP and ridiculous price tag, everyone thought the company had lost their minds. In hind sight, it’s easy to see that AMD hadn’t found their new direction yet, and they were ensuring that a chip of this magnitude could be successfully handled in a consumer market. The good news about the 9590 is, in spite of being considered a failed launch, it still worked out to be a decent chip and it certainly opened the door for future releases with high TDPs. Energy efficiency kind of gets thrown out the window with overclocking, and an ultra-enthusiast version of Zen is something I would certainly look forward to today.

Having followed this release for years now, the biggest thing that bugged me was only getting to see the limitations of the chip tested on 240mm AIOs. The question on my mind was, “Could someone get reasonably past the 5.0 GHz barrier if they had some uber cooling?” AMD was kind enough to send a sample my way and let me have a go at it. To be clear here, this isn’t just trying to reach 5.o GHz and run a couple of tests. The real test of the 5.0 barrier is if a user could run that as a 24/7 clock speed, and be able to do so with a fairly easily involving just a multiplier changes. With that in mind, let’s begin looking into how the experience went, the results of the tests, and just how worth it a 9590 would be for the average PC builder, especially since the price has dropped so much. Once again, we give a huge thanks to AMD for the sample. Here’s a quick statement about them from their site.AMD Press Deck CES 2016 (1)

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