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AMD FX 8320E Processor Review

Posted April 23, 2015 by Kenny in CPU & Motherboards


Price at time of Review: $135.99 on Newegg.com


Great Overclocking with 990FX Chipset, Lower Power Consumption, Better Thermal Performance


Lower Base Freq. compared to its Counter Part (to be expected)
The FX 8320E really fits the need of those looking for a great budgeted gaming system or workstation. Offering 8 cores of processing power all for the price of $135.99 currently on Newegg.com is a great bargain. The bottom line here is if you are on a budget, the FX 8320E offers a solid alternative without breaking the bank.
by Kenny
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The AMD FX Series processors are a few years old now and we haven’t seen any really big changes with AMD’s road map for these aging chips. Going back down memory lane a bit, during AMD’s original launch of the Bulldozer FX 8150, many of us had high expectations for AMD’s Piledriver architecture. Unfortunately, the 8 core 32nm processor didn’t match up to the marketing hype, and many folks saw it as a huge failure.

Despite that, the engineering behind the architecture was actually a good idea, but the “ecosystem,” as some have put it, just wasn’t ready for AMD’s leap into this territory. Many of today’s applications and software just weren’t designed to adapt to the architecture’s full potential.

AMD quickly re-positioned themselves and focused on competing with Intel’s mid-range line up based on price to performance. Shortly after the FX 8150, AMD pushed out their “slightly” revised processor, the FX 8320/8350, which was intended for its flagship AMD line up based on the Vishera platform. The FX 8350 was a little better received and took a strong market hold with solid price to performance, and held its ground for some time. Unfortunately, the platform was not what we would call “new,” and with Intel’s Tick Tock pushing ever forward, AMD again was left behind again.

In reality, AMD hasn’t really released a new processor in a little over 2 years, despite the latest launch of its revised edition FX processor, the 9590, which stands as AMD’s current flagship. However, even the 9590 wasn’t very well received as it required much more power and a high end motherboard to be able to handle its high TDP of 225watts. This was really a set-back for AMD as Intel started to push out higher end processors that required less power.




Now we come to today… AMD has announced two new processors that still share the same architect and technology from its Vishera/Pilerdriver, yet they are offered at a lower TDP rating. We have the AMD FX 8370E and FX 8320E, which both sport a 95w TDP. This is 30watts less then its counter part, the FX 8370 and FX 8320.

Today, we are going to put the AMD FX 8320E on our test bench and see how well it compares to its own series. The AMD FX 8320E offers a 3.2GHz base freq, but can still “Turbo up” to its 4.0GHz counter-part, the FX 8320. In theory, it should be able to perform the same as its non “E” older brother, but with less heat and power.

Can this new chip from AMD help them make up some lost ground? Read on to find out!



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