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AMD Athlon X4 845 Review

Posted July 4, 2016 by Josh Jackson in CPU & Motherboards


Price at time of Review: $67.99 on Newegg


Solid overall and Improved Single Thread performance, Low Temperatures, Excellent stock cooler, Great Price


No unlocked Multiplier
If you have a $75 CPU budget, want a bang for your buck and don't want to overclock, the Athlon X4 845 saves you a few bucks and performs really well at that price range.
by Josh Jackson
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Features and Specifications

Let’s start out with the features that matter here. The big selling point on the 845 is the fact that it has 4 cores in comparison to dual core offerings from INTEL at the same price point. While gaming has mostly depended on single-thread performance in times past, we’re really starting to see the dependence on multiple threads in newer titles. While the 4 cores are nice, the one thing the 845 is missing is the K. Yep, there’s no unlocked multiplier here. While not impossible to overclock, it will certainly be harder and time constraints are going to keep us from delving into it this time. Really, you should be looking at a K series Athlon if you want to overclock.

​New, Quiet, and Powerful Coolers

AMD’s new near-silent coolers for select desktop processors offer 65W, 95W, and 125W options that generate less than 39 dBa of noise, even under load.

Microsoft DirectX® 12 Support

AMD Athlon™ X4 Processors fully support Microsoft® DirectX® 12 and its Multi-Threaded Command Buffer Recording feature for an impressive leap in gaming performance, spectacular image quality, stunning 3D visual effects, realistic lighting and lifelike imagery.

Unlocked CPU Clock Multiplier4

AMD Athlon™ K-series processors can be overclocked without artificial multiplier restrictions for simpler, easier overclocking.

AMD OverDrive™ Technology

Achieve total control of your system with AMD OverDrive™ technology’s powerful settings and monitoring tools.

AMD Turbo Core Technology

AMD Turbo Core Technology dynamically adjusts for performance boosts and low power states to maximize application performance within the thermal and power limits of your platform.

AMD Wide Floating Point Accelerator

Enables improved performance on HPC, scientific and workstation applications with a shared FP Scheduler
Dual 128-bit Floating point engines – capable of teaming together for 256-bit AVX instructions or operating separately with each core.

Advanced Instruction Capabilities

Supports advanced instruction sets such as AVX, FMA4 and XOP, and AES, greatly increasing performance in applications designed to take advantage of this feature.

AMD Virtualization™ (AMD-VTM) Technology with IOMMU

Helps virtualization software to run more securely and efficiently, enabling a better experience when dealing with virtual systems.

AMD Cool’n’Quiet™ Technology

Designed to deliver more efficient performance by automatically and instantaneously adjusting performance states and features based on processor performance requirements.

Microsoft® Windows® 10 Support

Designed to deliver all the benefits of Microsoft® Windows® 10 OS. FREE UPGRADE OFFER! Get DirectX® 12 with a free upgrade to Windows 10 in its first year from Microsoft.

With the specifications, we’ll see a few things that stand out compared to the other Athlon X4 chips. First, the base and boost frequencies are a bit lower. How that translates in performance won’t be as easy to gauge since I don’t have any other Athlons to compare with, but it does lead to an impressively low 65W power rating. Another thing I noticed is a 2MB L2 Cache versus the usual 4MB. This seemingly puts the 845 at a slight disadvantage, but may also help keep costs down. Here’s a chart with the new thermal solutions so you can see the comparisons.

Athlon X4 845 Specs

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    Great review, big thanks for that!

    I have just one question – how much fps you had with this X845 in Hots on medium/high settings? It’s possible to have stable 60 fps with this processor and R7 370 with lower settings than ultra?

      Josh Jackson

      Certainly! I moved the board out pretty quickly for a new review, but most of what you need to tune down are the specific CPU heavy settings. I used ultra for the review but would turn them down for normal use. Medium settings would work great.


    Real brain power on dislpay. Thanks for that answer!


    The FX loses to the 845, I tend to just look at pictures…
    Overall great review, though.
    I think I read somewhere that the system response times are better with the 845 over Kaveri, more responsive.

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