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Akasa Freedom Xone

Posted February 14, 2010 by Jake in Cases & PSU







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by Jake
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The installation of a system inside the Freedom Xone is very straightforward taking a little more than an hour to complete.  The majority of that time was spent taking advantage of the cable management opportunities offered by this chassis.  The Freedom Xone is very spacious for a mid-tower and the openings for routing the PSU cables through the back of the motherboard tray made for some nice cable management.  The finished install would have looked even nicer if the slots came with rubber grommets which would help hide the cables and also keep them more secure.

Look how nice this setup looks with the cables ran through the right side of the chassis and then back through the appropriate slots to afford proper hookup.  We should not keep harping on it but we are totally amazed with the lack of the windowed side panel.

This was an extremely easy install with the well thought-out interior that Akasa gives us with the Freedom Xone.  For a mid-tower, this is one of the easiest installs we have done to date. The hard drive went in without a fuss, and seasoned builders will appreciate the hard drives being perpendicular to the motherboard.  Not having to pull out a graphic card to install or pull out a hard drive is a welcomed advantage.

Larger graphic cards should fit without a problem, but if you have an HD5970 for you build it likely will not fit inside, as this is only a mid tower.  Our images of this installation show how well an HD 5770 fits inside the Freedom Xone chassis.

Just a quick word about noise: the noise generated by the fans is not loud at all. It’s not silent but it is quiet.

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