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Aigo Icy K4 RGB CPU Cooler Review

Posted January 22, 2018 by Mario Campos in Cooling


Price at time of Review: $65.99 on Amazon


Complete RGB lighting on the fan, sides, and logo; Solid Build Quality; Professional Aesthetic Finish; Motherboard Control RGB; Why is no one else doing this!?!


Lots of Cables; Sub-par Cooling Performance
If you want the full RGB experience, this cooler is the king of the air cooler heap for the time being. If you wan't the best cooling performance for you dollar, you definitely want to look else where.
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by Mario Campos
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Look at that thing. Look at it! So majestic.

For whatever misgivings I may have come into this review with, it delivered on the promise I wanted: full RGB. Not just, side RGB, or fan RGB, but all the sides. Well, most….I mean, I could use another RGB fan on the opposite side. Everything is in sync and lit and I could scarcely ask for more lighting (but I will).

The MSRP for Aigo’s Icy K4 CPU cooler is $65.99 on Amazon. Cooling performance is better than a stock cooler but not nearly as temperature savvy as other coolers in the same price range. The reason this cooler is worth it’s price more than anything else is the amount of RGB on it, yet it still has a surprisingly quality build and finish to make it worth the price as well. My hopes moving forward is that more companies will add RGB to even more of their coolers. When I am to choose between a little better temperatures and a little more lights, I personally want more lights. Even though this cooler isn’t going to be the best for cooling, I have to give Aigo high regards for being willing to do something that I thought other companies would have done a long time ago. Because of their dedication to the RGB future, we give Aigo’s Icy K4 CPU cooler the Pure Overclock’s Editor’s Choice Award.

The future is bright and rainbow spectrum-ed.

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