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Aigo Icy K4 RGB CPU Cooler Review

Posted January 22, 2018 by Mario Campos in Cooling


Price at time of Review: $65.99 on Amazon


Complete RGB lighting on the fan, sides, and logo; Solid Build Quality; Professional Aesthetic Finish; Motherboard Control RGB; Why is no one else doing this!?!


Lots of Cables; Sub-par Cooling Performance
If you want the full RGB experience, this cooler is the king of the air cooler heap for the time being. If you wan't the best cooling performance for you dollar, you definitely want to look else where.
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by Mario Campos
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Closer Look

Opening the box from a brand I’m unfamiliar with will always lead to the expectation of a light, fragile, poorly made product. Not the case here, as the entire cooler feels well built from the tower to the fan. The flat black is professional and materials are solid.

The logo lights up and looks beautiful. It’s also surrounded with a professional looking black surface to not detract from the RGB. You also might notice the cooler itself has a decent width on it.

I love how flat the base is offering a significant surface area to transfer heat. We’ll see how well that performs later.

The sides light up as well, adding more RGB on top of the rainbow cake that is my computer.

The fan comes with vibration pads and has a decent thickness to it. Both pluses in my book.

Most importantly, the fan also lights up. Are there other CPU coolers that have RGB fans? Yes. RGB logos? Yes. RGB sides? Yes. What no one else seems to do is light all three. This is why we are here. Aigo’s Icy K4 has done something important and the rest of the CPU cooling market needs to follow suit. If you want your cooler to have RGB lighting, show no quarter, leave no surface unlit! Speaking of RGB coloring…

There’s RGB headers for motherboard control. Sure you could control the colors remotely (PROBABLY TRUE?) but synchronizing ALL of your lights is what makes your case fast and efficient. This is a fact (citation needed).

It sounds like this cooler can do everything I want it to, but how is it in practice? Let’s put it together.

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