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Aigo Icy K4 RGB CPU Cooler Review

Posted January 22, 2018 by Mario Campos in Cooling


Price at time of Review: $65.99 on Amazon


Complete RGB lighting on the fan, sides, and logo; Solid Build Quality; Professional Aesthetic Finish; Motherboard Control RGB; Why is no one else doing this!?!


Lots of Cables; Sub-par Cooling Performance
If you want the full RGB experience, this cooler is the king of the air cooler heap for the time being. If you wan't the best cooling performance for you dollar, you definitely want to look else where.
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by Mario Campos
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Aigo is most well known as the company I knew nothing about. While Asian consumer electronics companies are a little known passion of mine, I had my eye out for a particular aesthetic niche to fulfill. You know the one I’m talking about: RGB! I don’t have a lot of information about Aigo, so but I do know my lights. What’s interesting is how hard it is to find the CPU cooler that does it all. Some have RGB on the tower, but lacks lighting on the fan. Some have great RGB effects on the fan, but opt for the plain copper and aluminum finish tower. Aigo may be a name that none of us have heard, maybe even a bit too much of an off brand, yet they may be the only one who took RGB to the next level on CPU coolers. We’ll get into the review shortly, but you can also check out the video review below if video is your kind of thing.



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